JakeemHD – Jar Ain’t Empty (Official Video)

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April 29, 2015
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April 29, 2015

“Jar Ain’t Empty, Stayin Trippy…So I’m Rollin Fifty” Follow @JakeemHD Instagram.com/JakeemHD soundcloud.com/JakeemHD Facebook.com/meetJHD.


  1. JUDYBOOTY says:

    Good flow, How long you been rapping ?

  2. Minegames says:

    Awesome work

  3. RealRecognizeReal says:

    Man that was dope

  4. DUDE MoneyTeam says:

    I really like the intro,

  5. BIGGUCCI SOSA says:

    Dope as video.

  6. Shivers says:

    Really good bro

  7. dunny sucks says:

    bruh who are you lol, i thought you was famous

  8. Iamgreat says:

    I been replaying this for a minute something that really attracts me to the

  9. Jakeem HD says:
  10. YoungMoney says:

    Not bad, you did your thing..

  11. Hungrynigga says:

    who is talking in the beginning ?