Is Medicinal Marijuana the best kind?

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Medicinal Marijuana
Yes asked:

I heard somewhere that medicinal marijuana is the really really strong. Better than Kron…anyone know for sure?

3 comments on “Is Medicinal Marijuana the best kind?

  1. zingbartwo on

    i think youre on the wrong board…. wait….”recreation” ok, maybe not. i dont know. i dont smoke, but a lot of people say that. its probably true, because usually when you buy it on the street its not great quality and its old. but if the government grows it, they probably have scientists and stuff to make sure its good.

    maybe you should smoke some.

  2. h_brida on

    Best for what? That’s rhetorical. Please ask your question in a different category:

    Home > Health > Alternative Medicine
    Home > Health > Other – Health
    Home > Home & Garden > Other – Home & Garden
    Home > Entertainment & Music > Other – Entertainment

  3. L L on

    I heard medicinal marijuana that you smoke is junk ….. but I know someone who has medicinal marijuana pills, and they are apparently VERY GOOD…..

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