IRNinja Marijuana Garden Overhaul

End Cannabis Prohibition No More violation of Human Rights
March 29, 2012
Episode Six “Bill C10”
March 30, 2012

IRNinja Marijuana Garden Overhaul introduces IRNinja in a new video series. Watch as this medicinal marijuana garden receives a complete overhaul. In this video we document the excavation and procurement of suitable growing medium. This Video marks the beginning of a season-long labor of love, stay tuned for more updates and visit for details not shared in this installment. Acknowledgments: Royalty Free music available at: Photo montage template available


  1. Islandrebel28 says:

    Thanks for the video…it helped my light bulb turn on…lol keep it growing!!!!

  2. Tucsongrower says:

    Nice looking forward to the next video

  3. 707mach1 says:

    cant wait for the next video!

  4. bluegreen1138 says: