Huge Update Site A

Blackwater OG 16,000 watt room
April 30, 2014
大麻で難病を治す「医療大麻」最前線 – Medicinal Marijuana in Japan
April 30, 2014

Huge Update Site AIm still alive everyone, busy busy busy. Big update site A. Preparing the room here for the next flower session. cheers hg.


  1. wanttogrowbetter says:

    Nice your back with your badass videos !! Thank you /-)

  2. JS Maine says:

    Awesome video as usual. There’s not a lot of videos on YouTube I can sit
    and watch for this long. Such great info and thorough it’s hard to stop
    watching. Can’t wait to see whats next. 

  3. manny bubbles says:

    big thanx to you sir for the videos and sharing your knowledge with us all.
    i have learned quite a bit. love the videos and thanx again p.s. haters
    will hate dont mind them.

  4. Rick Thompson says:

    Im a paid sub and it says video no supported for the last 3 uploads…can
    you help me figure out why?

  5. peteduhamel says:

    sweet….new vids finally!! oh man i’m curios to see what happened to site
    B. i’ll b so disappointed if the LED’s didn’t pan out…..check out the
    AT600 R2 spectrum….thinking this might be the best out there for true
    footprint and all…let me know what you think…???

  6. Gus gustafson says:

    Awesome to see you are back! Thank you for all the help that you throw out.

  7. Tomfitgym says:

    Do you ph your mges04 spray? 

  8. Fred Sutton says:

    Am I understanding correctly? That there is more productivity from 2*600w
    than 2*1000w? I always thought that the more lumen the better?

  9. leftystrat62 says:

    I have lower back issues and wondered how it is for you working on your
    plants in flower up against the wall? I can’t be sure it would be worth the
    $ for me to build a bigger room just so I can access the scrog from all
    sides;but I know you mentioned your back pain in another video so I’m
    interested in your input.Don’t want to waste money.
    Also, what do you think would be the max # of totes you could do in your
    RDWC with the air/water pump set up your using?

  10. Jimmie Watkins says:

    Awesome to see you again!! Welcome back to the world!! Great video!!

  11. Brian Grant says:

    Question, just what solution strength you use in flower with aquaflakes? I
    just finished a run with H&G flakes and suffered a little n-tox early in
    flower. I fixed it but yield suffered minimal. Also it seems you need to
    flush longer also using flakes is this true? Any pointers are greatly
    appreciated! Great to have you back hygro!!! 

  12. HygroHybrid says:
  13. foreman d says:

    you should put videos 1-17 how to grow dwc plus the everything veg. video
    and put them on a dvd and sell them . that series is it… in a nutshell. i
    always refer back to those videos .i would pay for one .without redoing
    that series there is no topping it.everything else is just redundant and
    just bigger and most people cant buy half of that stuff your using now its
    cool but too much. but thanks for all the great info but if you plan on
    making anymore money from people like me … you should sell some dvds. i
    cant see what more i can learn from you . spark my intrest…

  14. D GreenThumb says:

    Love the new video my friend! Looking forward to the site release. Keep
    doing what your doing mate. 🙂 

  15. Kevin Brown says:

    whats good with the black dogs bro…. +HygroHybrid 

  16. Hort Hydro says:

    Thanks for the update Hygro:)
    It’s good to see your all good!!

  17. Prof Lee says:

    I thought you were just recovering from 420… I know I am and I had to
    write a story about the Cup for Weed World on top of it. Can’t wait to see
    the Black Dog/HPS room. I saw Corey and Noah in Denver and told them about
    watching you test their lights. Later

  18. Ashley Struthers says:

    So glad to have you back HYGRO! But one question for you, what was the
    yield on the site A last time. I do not care about the contest I just want
    to know how much weight was pulled out of that grow…

  19. Cee OfGreen says:

    Welcome bac bro. Love the update. Im almost ready to flip, keepin
    everything very simple as you said. Had to change sites but my Blue Dream
    is very healthy. Video should be up in a few days. Ill send to you. CoG

  20. north seven o five says:

    I just wanted to point out that we must be running a very very similar
    cheese plant, I know they all have a typical cheese plant look with the
    smaller bladed leaves with the very viney structure. I have been running a
    true european cheese plant and it looks EXACTLY the same. Great smell and
    taste on final product as well. 

  21. Deep Water LED says:

    What happened to the Blackdog grow?

  22. IaM LeGend says:

    your alive !!! your back we’ve been waiting. . .. gd to c u HH

  23. Jose Romero says:

    Just finished bubba krush myself its a very resiness plant yield was good
    considering i use 250 watts but i liked the ocean grown bubba krush very
    good strainto keep around

  24. Tomfitgym says:

    Love this guy!!!! And iv never seen him lol. 

  25. Eric hamp says:

    led test???????????

  26. jay bone says:

    your knowledge and expertise has helped thousands everywhere. thank you and
    thank you again
    great to have you back bruh

  27. mike mifflin says:

    take the money and run