HUGE News For Weed Smokers! [RUBIN140]

#48 Dude Grows Show Growing Marijuana
November 8, 2014
Medicinal Marijuana Rejected Yet Again
November 8, 2014

In 140 seconds, Dave Rubin breaks down the big news in marijuana legalization that resulted from the midterm elections. Comment below or tweet your thoughts to Dave at


  1. oliverdcross101 says:

    I hope republicans clamp down on this movement 

  2. Peanutsreveng3 says:

    That is good news, but, why are you only warm and welcoming to Americans?
    Do you not realize there are other countries in the world, that YouTube is
    an international medium, that people in other countries might be interested
    in your show. . . . . .
    Surely your Google Analytics let’s you know that it’s 100% of viewers are
    American (although I’ll show up in loads of different places because of VPN)

    Come on Dave, “Make that change”. :)

  3. Jig Saw says:

    Oi fuck you Murica im jelly as shit. 

  4. CorruptedPersona says:

    Come on England, I know you’re puppets to the U.S, but why ain’t you
    following there lead on this situation? It’s a class B out of 3 classes A
    being the worst. I mean the same as amphetamines for Christ sake which is

  5. Acuravigor47 says:

    Here in Washington state, pot is so common now its like cigarettes or maybe
    beer. There is no more risk factor or cool feeling of rebellion. Even teens
    and young people aren’t into it anymore because it is legal. I don’t smoke
    pot, but I voted for it to be legalized here in my state and I stand behind
    my vote. Im glad it is legal. Now cops can concentrate on
    bigger crime issues like heroine or robberies. Any average person can own
    up to 6 ounces, carry up to 1 ounce and grow up to 6 plants. 6 giant plants
    if you are good at it. 

  6. chris says:

    Wtf what about Cali?????

  7. Atheist Anon says:

    since when have republicans ever said they want the government out of the
    bedroom? aren’t they the ones that keep trying to outlaw blow-jobs?!

  8. lShishkaBerryl says:

    I never thought any of this would happen in my lifetime. I started smoking
    in the 90s, it was a totally different ball game even that short of a time
    ago. I’m so happy that common sense is beginning to win over fear

  9. srgwarcock says:

    This should have been a special Rubin420 episode.

  10. Rawbeard says:

    what ever happened to TYT 140?

  11. dakotagau says:

    Now we may have the leverage to Force it federally.
    But now that the republicans are in charge, NOTHING IS EVER GONNA HAPPEN

  12. Just_Bri says:

    4 down 46 to go

  13. pbandj says:

    140 seconds? You should have done 420 seconds :)

  14. MrOttopants says:

    How about, “huge news for your personal freedom, even if you don’t smoke

  15. Kevin Gallagher says:

    Fuck living in England. Fuck it. Fuck fuck fuck fuck.

  16. Spec Warfare says:

    good day in america

  17. 216trixie says:

    Best news report I’ve heard in my life. As soon as I’m done with dinner,
    I’m firing up a fat one!

  18. nitelite78 says:

    Won’t there be reversal of this pro cannabis change now that the
    republicans dominate the house and senate?

    Also I would be interested to know whether alcohol sales are affected in
    states like colorado where weed is freely available. Weed smokers tend to
    drink less I think.

    Actually has there even been a big increase in people who are smoking
    cannabis in colorado? Or were the people smoking it already smoking it?

  19. Mark Blackcloud says:

    sounds good come on Cali we need to make it recreational over here!

  20. DandyDon says:

    HUGE News For Weed Smokers! [RUBIN140]

    In 140 seconds, Dave Rubin breaks down the big news in marijuana
    legalization that resulted from the midterm elections

  21. Thiedent says:

    ayy lmao

  22. Andrew Warren says:

    I hope my home state of Massachusetts will be next in line.

  23. deedeedeehehe says:

    Test positive for weed on your job…. YOU WILL STILL BE FIRED. What a
    victory this is.