How Weed Won The West 9 of 13

How Weed Won The West 13 of 13
March 11, 2012
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March 11, 2012

How Weed Won The West 9 of 13How Weed Won The West delves deeply into the culture and commerce of cannabis featuring California’s ganja growers,medicinal marijuana patients and law reform advocates. Kevin Booth’s vivid document from behind the front lines of the “war on pot” blows the lid off a multi-billion dollar industry on the verge. With California and the rest of the country going bankrupt, one business is booming. ‘How Weed Won the West’ is the story of the growing Medical Marijuana industry, focusing on Los Angeles

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  1. monster1175 says:

    lala land we are all dead, no drug is good because every thing ,suggar,alcohol,mariguana etc are adicted when you are adicted some body else have the control not you if you no have the control you are dead