How To Make Stem Tea ~ Baked Baking With Jane

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March 21, 2015
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March 21, 2015

How To Make Stem Tea ~ Baked Baking With Jane In this video I show you how to make great use of you cannabis stems by making stem tea! This tea is great as a sleep aid and is full of beneficial…


  1. Bella Luna says:

    Good video! There is an Amish settlement I visit to get good homemade baked
    goods, canned fruits and jellies and all types of wonderful things. One of
    the wives told me that the midwife gives them marijuana tea during labor to
    help with the pain. Marijuana is a secret cash crop for the Amish- who
    knew? I haven’t yet found anyone on the settlement to buy any from yet- not
    from a lack of subtle inquiries though!

  2. Neil Sorensen says:

    Does stem tea get you baked or should it just be used as a sleep aid?

  3. Amber M says:

    I didn’t have a coffee filter so I just opened up and poured out a tea bag
    and put my stems in and resealed it. Got it on the stove right now can’t
    wait to try :-D

  4. gloomkatsafan says:

    Would putting whole cream/heavy whipping cream in this be okay? My
    boyfriend like half and half but will drink heavy cream if we have it. Also
    if you do leave behind some green on the stems just a bit, will that
    intensive the effects?

  5. Brittney Espinosa says:

    16:10 …. where’s the link! Ahhhh! Lol. Smokin an i wanted to check out
    the link +Jane Dro 

  6. johnnyv1911 says:

    Baking with Ben Wa Balls? In the new kitchen? Lol… Silly Girl Kicks are
    for Trids!

    I’d love to be able to live in the mountains!
    Hope you enjoy the new digs!

  7. jay Parker says:

    ive been waiting alll dayyy lmao! stay awesome jane! 

  8. Eberk30 says:

    Yay, I’ve been saving so many stems for this video. Can’t wait to try it
    after work tonight!

  9. David Gilmore says:

    What a great idea. Just reading the comment from CTB. baking with
    jane! haa… OH, off topic, but another tip, I use a 1/2 pint mason
    jar and poke a hole in the lid to make my own hemp wick holder. You
    could decorate the jar or just leave it.. Works great.

    PS, when do you move? 

  10. Tyler Chewy says:

    Thc is not water soluble but you can get health benefits of the plant this

  11. tony barajas says:

    Yay! I’ve been waiting for this video! Thank you!

  12. Cajun Tinker Belle says:

    Woohoo I can not wait for the next baked baking with Jane… Have a great
    nights sleep sugar :0)

  13. Amber M says:

    I didn’t have coffee filters so I just took apart a tea bag and replaced it
    with the stems and resealed it. Worked great. I’m half a mug thru my tea
    and I can already feel the effects wow! Maybe I should’ve weighed my stems
    lol good stuff thanks for all the great tutorials and content.

  14. Brandon v says:

    Doesn’t smoking stems give you a headache though?

  15. Genevieve Helmuth says:

    +Jane Dro I was told, a lot, that thc, cbd and the other compounds in
    cannabis aren’t water soluble. Is that wrong? If it’s water soluble do you
    lose anything by using a bong? What about people who add water to their
    butter production and when it cools they dump the water, are they wasting
    good medicine? I’m all confused now.