How To Get Prescribed Medicinal Marijuana?

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September 10, 2010
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September 10, 2010
Medicinal Marijuana

Before you jump to conclusions and think I am a pothead looking to get a free fix, I am a near 16 year old kid with high levels of anxiety.

I occasionally take ativan but those pills won’t last forever and they are a bit addictive.

Marijuana is not addictive and it is very calming. Nor is it harmful. It is also close to becoming legalized.


  1. Sarah says:

    If you are in a state where medical marijuana is legal you can go talk to your doctor about it.

  2. tesalala says:

    actually marijuana does the opposite of calm you down, dont get me wrong, i love weed, but it increases what causes anxiety and after a while of using it, marijuana itself can actually cause panic attacks.