How much more is medicinal marijuana in comparison to that which is sold illegaly?

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September 25, 2010
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September 25, 2010
Medicinal Marijuana
Ivan M asked:

Price, I mean

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  1. TruthB says:

    Medical Marijuana is any marijuana purchased by a patient for medicinal reasons. There is no grade, qualification or stamp. Medical marijuana is usually well grown (homegrown) kind bud. Out side of a dispensary a patent will find ounces at $250 if purchased in the QP. A single ounce $300, and by the quarter $100. A patient can find Mexican, not brick, for $150 – 200 an ounce. A dispensary buys @ $250 an ounce and sells for $350 to over $400 an ounce. Finding local coops, homegrown care givers and smaller growers saves a great deal over visting the dispensary.