How I Got High for 10 Hours on Raw Cannabis Leaves

Steve Agee, Ron Funches, T.J. Miller – High Mall – @midnight with Chris Hardwick
April 21, 2015
Mary Jane Girlz (the tree-mix) by Dawn Gun ft. Oracle Jayne Doe, Miss Bliss, Brandi Kane & M$NEY
April 21, 2015

John from shares with you exactly how he got high consuming raw cannabis leaves. In this 2 part episode, John first shares with the best juicers for juicing…


  1. Venicestu says:

    I have heard of people cooking the leaves and stems in a large pot of water
    for an hour or so then adding in a pound or so of butter, stirring in and
    letting it cool. The butter will flow to the top and you use the butter in
    cooking your favorite recipes

  2. SafiOwns says:

    learned that if your vibration level is higher than the cannabis plant you
    will not feel good getting “high” on it. The people who feel good doing
    this typically have lower vibration levels.

  3. Jellyf0x says:

    The psychoactive containing resins are soluble in oil. If you mix cannabis
    leaves with any kind of oil you will dissolve the resins and they will end
    up in your final juice.

  4. Francois Belhumeur says:


  5. Clyde Cash says:

    How many leafs did it take…lol

  6. Randy's Video Creations says:

    *John patent it and sell it in legal states for cancer patients.*

  7. Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens says:
  8. RocksNClocks says:


  9. Terry Moline says:

    John john JOHN it’s in possible to sore with the Eagles and you know the
    rest. I have seen abuse ,children hungry ect.because most people abuse pot.
    Take the high road and pray about it .You are such a blessing and we need
    you to be the man you are wonderfully made to be. I have been there and I
    am so high on life now. all my so called friends didn’t want my friendship
    when I changed. 

  10. TruthBlender says:

    Oh you crazy potheads, you crack me up!

  11. writingsinthesky says:

    This is Funny! Watching the two of you here is great. I’m guessing this
    could have a positive effect as far as the medicinal area of this goes.
    Still, so funny…

  12. w3bst3r123 says:

    also, this holds true for Apiaceae plants!

  13. Rick A says:

    I think this is what John will go down in history for. 

  14. sears62 says:

    Coleus, which I reasonably believe is to the upper left of the screen, is
    said to be absolutely psychoactive kind of like salvia divinorum. Not to
    mention a beautiful plant. And clones like crazy. 

  15. Max Harry Johnson says:

    Lol, good job John, even if you don’t use it for that purpose it’s good to
    get high at least once.

  16. Silver3xterior says:

    Cool never thought of juicing the leaves 🙂 The leaves just like the stems
    contain thc just in lower levels than in the buds so yeah they should get
    you high. Heard they feed the leaves to pigs in India so they get the
    munchies and grow fat sooner 😉 But 10 hours of being high is just to much
    for me :p Greetings from Amsterdam! 

  17. ottawadigs says:

    US govt-funded agency admits marijuana can kill cancer cells

  18. Rick A says:

    I’m officially naming this “The Kohler High”

  19. MrTheSack says:

    My father was hit and killed by a Inebriated pot head in 1981 “Pot” is
    Dangerous. It should never be legal to drive High or drunk! as much as i
    can respect peoples freedom! marijuana is a controlled narcotic! and if it
    is truly legalized it will be a danger to the people such as driving drunk.
    Also as a Paramedic i have witnessed and large increase in dangerously
    overdosed patients obtaining “Medical” weed meant for cancer patients,
    these kids are claiming :anxiety” and having quack doctors “prescribe” weed
    for their aliment and ending up in Emergency rooms!

  20. Fuzzy Ewok says:

    You could make a killing selling this stuff. Legally of course. 

  21. John Graham says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience!

  22. Rafael says:

    Pretty amazing stuff.

  23. Greg Santollo says:

    Could you tell me in 3 minutes or less. I rarely ever watch a YouTube video
    longer then 5 minute 

  24. Jean-Francois Prince says:

    Do you Ever eat meat? 

  25. Chris Alexander says:

    Tangerine Coconut Cream GrowingYourGreens Dream Supreme

  26. Dice Bone-21 says:

    I agree!

  27. Richard Bushy says:

    My sons birthdays 4/20th 196. Also . HAPPY BIRTHDAY ..

  28. der AUSSTEIGER says:

    Please make more vids of this kind, but try to make’em a bit shorter!

  29. bufunga says:

    And you were so sure it wouldn’t 

  30. lol wut says:

    Man I wish I was even a tenth as happy as this guy.

  31. Permaculture Prepper says:

    *Knock Knock* …..John that knock at your door is the feds they are
    bout’ to take you away to the funny farm for this vid…

  32. RedSpiralHand says:

    If the friction from the juicer heats the juice at all it will make it
    Perhaps a hand crank wheatgrass juicer? that’s what i plan to try using.

  33. mattlacroix4 says:

    Seriously? Look at all the anti-cannabis people here. Cannabinoids are
    incredibly beneficial to our bodies. Then, for all of those who don’t
    understand the point of being “high”. Experiencing the THC side of Cannabis
    can be very beneficial for some, and those who don’t like the experience,
    you don’t need to do it. Being “high” can stimulate brain activity, and
    cause new connections between neurons. We need to put aside stigma, and
    learn about the world around us, and the plants that can benefit us

  34. norxcontacts says:

    Up with hope, down with dope.

  35. w3bst3r123 says:

    I did some research and it seems that the oranges you used (probably
    seville oranges?) contain furanocoumarins which deactivates an enzyme in
    the small intestine and liver that breaks down toxins. This is from npr:

    “When the enzyme (called 3A4 for short) isn’t working right, the drugs hang
    around longer and circulate at higher levels in the blood than would
    otherwise be the case. If the levels are high enough, a person essentially

  36. EH CBunny says:

    I’ve watched cows consume raw cannabis and they become tipsy. 

  37. ily T says:

    You can do all your chores with less stress and better health when you are

  38. Banksters, Corrupt Politicians & Pigs says:

    How I Got High for 10 Hours on Raw Cannabis Leaves
    Learn Organic Gardening at
    21 April 2015

  39. vanessa M2007 says:

    Why do people want to be high? How can you work or take care of your
    children or raise them while high? I have family that waste money on weed
    and that’s part of the reason they are still in poverty on government
    assistance and there children are suffering from there bad choices. I tried
    this as a teen and did not like it, I’m married with 3 kids, I can’t
    imagine being high while homeschool, cooking, cleaning and working from
    home, and my husband works at a recycling plant, omg, if he was high at
    work I would most likely injure himself or fall to his death, God forbid.

  40. Lee Williams says:

    I’m gonna skip this 1, don’t wanna watch people ramble on while high. Catch
    you on the next one. I may not agree with it but I fully support your right
    and freedom to do so. rock on john

  41. Alex Mayfield says:

    I don’t quite understand how this is a gamechanger for cannabis users.
    People have been drinking non-thermally activated activated cannabis drinks
    for years. Here’s a massive spoiler for those of you who haven’t done any
    research yet, THCA is converted into 11-hydroxy metabolite by your liver.
    I’ve experimented around with this because the common myth in this industry
    is that THCA cannot and will not get you high at all. However I have eaten
    grams of unactivated ice water hash and have experienced some of the most
    spiritual highs of my existance. Decarboxylation (getting rid of the
    carboxylic acid via thermal activation) massively increases the amount of
    available THC that can be absorbed by your liver however you cam still get
    really, really baked from eating raw bud, hash, etc. As long as you are
    ingesting enough trichome capitate heads (bulbous heads on the plant that
    house the essential oils that we so desire) :)

  42. Vegan Sabina says:

    I’m guessing the citrus activated it??

  43. DownToVape says:

    I also had this experience a few months ago with raw leaves. My recipe
    didn’t have tangerine & coconut but instead lemon juice, banana, various
    berries, kefir, and a couple handfuls of leaves. I assumed the acid in the
    lemon activated the THC in the leaves (think about ceviche, how lime juice
    can essentially cook fish).

  44. Odd Bod says:

    Coconut oils probably drew out the THC. I always heard it needs to be
    cooked with oil or butter to make a recipe work.

  45. Aaron Morgan says:

    So I have a friend that grows some great cannabis and I told them I wanted
    some leaves to juice so when the plants were ready they picked us some
    leaves and have us a couple bags of it to juice 🙂 so we juiced it and when
    I would sweat the strong smell of the dank would secret from my pores and
    it would smell like I was holding a big bag of chronic in my pocket when I
    had absolutely none on or around me lol it was funny but it happened to my
    gf also 🙂 

  46. Raw Vegan Fruitarian says:

    Disappointing John. There was no reason to post this noxious recipe. If you
    were negatively affected and say you will NEVER have this again, then why
    share something that is apparently not good. I guess the absolute only
    reason is for the Youtube hits that will make you some money. Wouldn’t you
    make more selling the juice? I look forward to your healthier and fellow
    caring videos.

  47. Esper Manuputty says:

    This is amazing, I recommend you patent this! The production cost will be
    really fucking low and in comparison to other cannabis products really
    cheap to buy. You got a goldmine in youre hands! Love youre vids starting
    my own garden now.
    Greetings from Amsterdam,
    Esper (17)

  48. Chris Alexander says:

    I have used cannabis in Guacamole and Coconut milk and it is indeed the
    best high. I mentioned this on your original video about medical marijuana.
    Its very simple, Fat Soluble means Fat Soluble. Avos and Cocnuts are FATS.
    Not a miracle but certainly and awesome result from nature. Dont be affraid
    of the high John. Adjust the dosage and use it to discover more inner
    knowledge than you previously realized.

  49. Steve Smekar says:

    John, my (late) mom’s birthday was also on April 19. Happy birthday to your
    lovely mother, many happy returns of the day to her.