How has medicinal marijuana helped you with depression?

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Medicinal Marijuana
Mon asked:

Tell me you experience.

One comment on “How has medicinal marijuana helped you with depression?

  1. ckngbbbls on

    I have 2 son in laws who both suffer from medically diagnosed depression and both are pot smokers and if that stuff actually did anything for either of them, it is not visible in thier behaviour or level of depression.
    I think that while medical maraijuana may have its place as does other medicines, it is not a cure all for every medical problem that comes down the pike. So far I have seen it listed as a cure of aid for depression, arthritis, glaucoma, cancer, and a host of other ailments.
    Starting to sound an awfull lot like those snake oil salesmen back in the day that sold magic elixers out of the back of a wagon and got out of town before anyone figures out it was colored water.

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