how do you think parents who’s kids are prescribed medicinal marijuana feel?

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September 21, 2010
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Medicinal Marijuana
Dr. Vittinator asked:

Think about it, Parents hate drugs more than anyone, and they have to get prescriptions for their kids, get their kids marijuana, and have them smoke it under their roof right in front of them. and while their kids are getting treated, they’re stoned almost all the time, it’s like they aren’t even there. How do you think these parents feel?


  1. george a says:

    like moving out of california

  2. Maria says:

    I think that they could feel good and bad because it is helping them but at the same tim eit is still drugs

  3. savannah says:

    you know that it has to be stressful for them,
    but parents love their children and cant stand
    to see them in pain, and medical marijuana
    is given to people in alot of pain and so they
    probably are okay with it because it takes
    away the pain AND is closely watched by
    the childs doctor.

  4. brendan y. says:

    but if it truly helps their children, shouldnt they feel a bit better about medical marijuana? to answer your question, it depends on how they were brought up and yes, a great majority would be against marijuana of any kind, medical or recreational.

  5. aedgirl says:

    well, i’m sure theyre okay with it. they MUST be SOME alternative to marijuana.. but they chose marijuana.

  6. 150caliber says:

    i actually know some parents that GIVE their kids pot, idk wat ur talkin about “they hate drugs more than anyone” well if they’re white, they’d be pretty upset cause they can’t get their own stuff. so they think, if i can’t have it then no1 can, so they are upset cause their kids have 2 have it!
    (btw if my answer doesnt make sense, i9 have dyslexia and can’t re-read what i type.:(

  7. Claire says:

    I’d be pissed, because they legally get to smoke weed and I don’t.

  8. luvnascar says:

    I’m sure they would just be relieved that their child is not in pain even if it is temporary. People who are prescribed it are really bad off, and in horrific pain, alot on the brink of suicide without altering drugs.

  9. railroad dave says:

    im a parent , i don’t hate drugs . drugs are used to treat or cure many medical problems . do you drink coffee or tea ? the FDA defines caffeine as a mood altering DRUG . as for pot , have you ever seen it stop muscle spasms of MS ? or given someone on chemo an apatite ? or calmed an anxious mind with out dangerous pharmaceutical drugs like valium or SSRIs ? i’ve seen it work .

  10. DiabLeSoule says:

    I think they feel fine, as i doubt many doctors would prescribe medical marijuana to anyone under at least 18 years of age and at that point the child is considered an adult.