How do I get a license to open a medicinal marijuana dispensary?

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September 13, 2010
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September 13, 2010
Medicinal Marijuana
Stoned asked:

I would like to open up a cannabis club in California. How and where do I get the licenses and required paperwork?


  1. Mopar Muscle Gal says:

    contact the State capitol

  2. future fate says:

    Medical marijuana is a myth – the ones that are all just got raided.

  3. Heather A says:

    at the license bureau

  4. Amy says:

    Actually, you cant open one in California anymore, not since last year in March. They passed some stupid law saying that there are already too many dispensaries in California already, thus no more new ones can open. But, it is still okay for you to take over another Medical Dispensary. Just go get a real estate agent to look up anyone that is selling their Medical Cannabis Dispensary business license, (there’s actually quite a few now, since MMJ might be taxed). Plus already there’s a few that were raided and they dont have enough money to reopen, so those are for sale. There’s also a few Medical Cannabis Lawyers that are specifically great in helping you out with forms, paperwork, and requirements for a dispensary.

  5. Laura says:

    I’m looking for an awesome job. Would you hire me? Pretty please. I would be the best worker. I show up early, stay late, work hard, work smart, and I have great customer service skills. I also know a lot about marijuana and would love to move to Cali. Seriously! Save me as a fav and get back to me…thanx! 🙂

    PS I’ll take out the mob, with my eagle eye vision and quick reflexes.