How can people not believe that marijuana has medicinal value?

Medical Marijuana Question?
September 6, 2010
September 6, 2010
Medicinal Marijuana
thomas asked:

It has been legalized for medical use in many states already, and here is a great link to many of the studies about the medicinal value of marijuana

Is it ignorance?


  1. Mr. says:

    Well it’s a proven fact that it does have medicinal value…

    Glaucoma being the most notable, because unlike other drugs that dilate your pupils…pot actually does the opposite, which relieves pressure on the ocular nerves.

    Also, people with eating disorders….or other diseases that interfere with appetite, …sometimes prefer the predictable affects of marijuana, rather than swallowing a pill with untold side-effects…especially when they already have an upset stomach.

    For anxiety ?…well that’s just ridiculous because pot is known to cause anxiety in many people….and they get very paranoid as a result. To others, it is relaxing… but it varies from one person to the next.

    Pain relief ?…not really… aspirin is more effective.

    Naussia…. absolutely.

  2. THE M. Friedman, Ph.D ® says:

    That’s a pro-legalization site. Obviously there are studies in favor; I’m sure some are fabricated.

    Still, yes, there is medicinal value.

    People have been known to cheat the system though. Here in the States, you can go into a clinic at 11 AM in Cali, say you have a headache, and been toking by noon. It is fraudulent. The main problem is that you can’t always diagnose those problems that aren’t visible.

  3. says:

    Perhaps because of the carcinogenic effects (lung cancer) it ALSO has and because one never knows when it comes from organized crime rather than legit dispensary what ELSE it might have been cut with. One should never underestimate the evils of organized crime, which has an enormous financial stake in maintaining drug prohibitions worldwide. More about this

  4. MikeGolf says:

    If your justification is medical value – have it regulated by the FDA just like any other medication.

  5. nuit says:

    Because, people cant get away from the stereotype that anyone using it is a druggie. There are many rx narcotics that have FAR more recreational potential, but no one ever accuses the people using them of being a druggie, unless they actually are.

    I would be perfectly fine with the fda regulating it…. except they refuse to recognize any source of thc as medicine other than marinol, which is synthetic thc, doesnt work as well, and costs an outrageous amount of money compared to marijuana.

    The fda could jump in here anytime they want… but they and the ama and the gov have spent so much time convincing everyone that marijuana is horrible that they basically have to admit lying about marijuana in the past to do so.

    And marijuana doesnt cause cancer. Smoke sure does, but not marijuana in and of itself. I am tired of everyone assuming that everyone who uses marijuana is smoking it. IT can be used in tons of cooking recipes, and vaporizing is a lot healthier than smoking.