Hot box for the last time.

They’re Flying Over While I Blast!!! LOL
April 28, 2014
大麻で難病を治す「医療大麻」最前線 – Medicinal Marijuana in Japan
April 28, 2014

Hot box for the last time.Well guys I’m sorry to say but this is the end. Figured u guys would enjoy deon for the last vid. My job is not 420 friendly so I gotta stop and money is better then being high. We all come that point.


  1. i Call Me J i says:

    I been subbed since the start way before Joe deleted the vids. Ima stay
    subscribed. But ima miss theses videos

  2. TheMightyKitty says:

    Ill miss you guys, good luck

  3. Darryll Mathis says:

    first joe now you fuck a job get high.

  4. novak421 says:

    OGGOTKILLZ you pussy made bitch. Fuck you and your family and whatever
    legacy u have or will ever have.. Deuces Joe/Josh/Jake/Deon..

  5. CoDesTV says:

    Deon actually seems like a down to earth pretty cool dude, he shouldve been
    on more vids.

  6. Jake Dank says:

    I’m staying subbed I know you’ll be back, good luck with everything man 

  7. Nathan Elifritz says:

    You guys are gay as fuck lol

  8. kingdriskill44 says:

    I feel ya bro I had to do the same thing for my job.. It sucks the first
    couple days but it definitely gets better In time. Good luck bro! I’m gonna
    miss the videos 

  9. OGnblz says:

    rip joe n josh. i understand tho, my parents always get on to me for doing
    it and a month or so i decided to quit/ you can learn to live without it
    and be happy when you realize how much money your saving. wish yall the
    best of luck my friends!

  10. DozaCraft says:

    Bro.. you’ll learn. You gotta quit to piss clean for jobs, but weed is
    becoming legal everywhere anyways. This aint goodbye bro, I’m gonna stay
    subscribed because I just found yall and I love smoking to these videos.