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trees – Fri Dec 12 13:06:39 EST 2014
December 12, 2014
December 12, 2014

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  1. Cruzde says:

    Smoking along with some white widow from new zealand! great video man

  2. the DESIRES says:

    love your vids. subbed

  3. Kayden Moore says:

    Glad to finally watch another vid

  4. Spitty HD says:

    4 thousand sub’s sorry lol

  5. hulkamaanio says:

    when the drool starts dripping u know u have hit it right :D

  6. A nicole says:

    Nice video dude. But I’m having problems understanding some of what you are
    saying :/

  7. Spitty HD says:

    Do you own Nice to see a video when ever you blaze just hit that
    record button put the title as little blaze sesh I like watching other
    people get stoned lol for 40 thousand sub’s can u do a question and answer
    video plz 

  8. LemThurdy420 says:
  9. MOODYGIRl says:

    Going to share your vid in a bet check us out to if you want to.

  10. Alex Higgz says:

    Smokin some kimo