Flower day 35 I think.. somewhere around there..

Russell Brand Speaks & Tells UK Government Drug Addiction – An Illness & Health Matter +Abstinence..
April 26, 2012
Rep. Gregg Haddad on Medical Marijuana
April 26, 2012

Flower day 35 I think.. somewhere around there..Hydrofarm t5 with mostly half gallon buckets, and some assorted sizes. 1000 watt advanced nutrients ballast and bulb. Sunlight Supply magnum XXXL 6′ reflector. Iguana Bloom & Grow Juice, Pirahana, Tarantula, Carboload, VooDoo Juice, Sensizym, B1 organic, F1 folic acid, H2 humic acid, mag sulfate, roottek. Fafard f15 and Promix home blend! First Grow. Legal Medicinal Marijuana Grow in Maine.


  1. fozzythemexican says:

    They are getting big.

  2. fozzythemexican says:

    Growing is the best way to learn. Books and videos can only do so much. You have to get your hands dirty.

  3. PaulieNuggs says:

    cheers fozzy mon!

  4. PaulieNuggs says:

    doooode! i know.. very exciting fur me.. seems like yesterday I linked with the fozzymon on JCTV! well 25% of the crops got all f*cked up cause im such a noob, but there still producing, so im not stressing. live and learn OG. you know.

    Let it GROW