FINAL L.E.D. HARVEST RESULTS ARE IN – 13+ Ounces 1.0554GPW 180x3w GrowBLU LED Grow Light

Silicon Valley Stoners
March 24, 2013
(F) Fun : Failed attempt at CFL circuit board poppage. (Part 1 of 4)
March 24, 2013

FINAL L.E.D. HARVEST RESULTS ARE IN - 13+ Ounces 1.0554GPW 180x3w GrowBLU LED Grow LightDownload the #1 marijuana grow guide in the world at: ********…


  1. SeedBankReviews says:

    “what a weird Kaiser ad before the song plays right????

    its crazy that the words “shoot birds and pigs” are in a Kaiser commercial to me lol

    I just noticed that once I uploaded this

  2. SeedBankReviews says:

    and the best part of this is this is AFTER I already smoked some of it LOL and with my medicinal needs I know my numbers were HIGHer but I wanted to post what I weighed and glad to hit that 1gpw even after “sampling”

    These were also not even my high yielding strains so to me that means 1gpw is the starting point when it comes to growing with LEDs and it is BLOWING MY MIND!

    My next goal is to hit a pound with this panel which would put me at 1.23gpw,
    the aardvark

  3. GrowBigTV says:

    Awesome yield! What song was playing in the background?

  4. oneshotgrow says:

    I’m planning a 1.5lbs out of my new tent with the new light. 🙂 I think I can do it.

  5. Luke Taylor says:

    really good vids man!which panels are you getting next? keep up the fine work

  6. SeedBankReviews says:

    I have faith in you brother and you have a bad ass light with more options than I would know what to do with.

    I am following along and can’t wait to see how that panel grows for you. Let me know your thoughts on the smoke at the end as well since that is the most important part,

    the aardvark

  7. Curvify says:

    get some jarrrrrsssss seeing all that lovely smoke in plastic bags is killing me , peace and pot brother'[s and sister’s

  8. SeedBankReviews says:

    hmmn not sure on the songs, it was random pandora running while I was puttin in work.

    glad to have you around brother,

  9. oneshotgrow says:

    Welcome to the 1g/w LED club. Not many of us 🙂

  10. SeedBankReviews says:

    LOL I feel you brother and no worries, right after the weigh in, they were then put into their new homes which are medium mason jars. I too do not like plastic BUT when you are working with weighing out zips, nothing beats simple baggies especially when working with the tar function. weighing in glass jars errors out my scale as well.

    plastic is the one thing that TAKES trichs and tasty crystals from your buds so run glass if you can,

    the aardvark