Entire Family Could Go To Prison For Growing Weed

Huge Problem with Medical Marijuana
May 18, 2014
大麻で難病を治す「医療大麻」最前線 – Medicinal Marijuana in Japan
May 18, 2014

Entire Family Could Go To Prison For Growing WeedWhile 21 U.S. states have passed laws approving marijuana for medical use, the drug is still illegal federally and in most states. A 70-year-old medical marijuana patient with no criminal…


  1. Break This News says:

    I don’t think these (incumbent) Republicans care about what the people
    want, and that includes their “base”. What they do care about is their
    donors, and they are at war with this president and whoever they think
    voted for him. They won’t get behind marijuana legalization because they
    have stereotyped it as “minority”..or as Obama’s 47%. It should be easy to
    know where washingtons state attorney is on this issue with very little
    research. Also something to consider is maybe law enforcement,for their own
    reasons, went for the bust, and once a person is charged with felony’s its
    kinda hard to step in. He’ll have to go to court and hash it out there,
    unless in their ardor for the bust they made some procedural mistakes. But,
    I think that it’s great that you guys have brought the case out..so
    hopefully some of the “grey” issues between state and federal law can be
    resolved,sooner then later.

  2. musixmadness says:

    As soon as weed is federally legal for medical and recreational purposes,
    you can guarantee it will be taxed, which speaks for itself



  4. kr00m says:

    Just another example of Obama being a huge pussy.

  5. LittleBillysWorld says:

    The first African-American President and Attorney General to legalize weed
    would jeopardize future African-American leaders to get elected.

  6. rustinpeace gootube says:

    Its time to rise up and begin shooting these parasitic treasonous feds. The
    ONLY thing that can save this formerly great nation is a civil war. A civil
    war that sheds enough blood to bleed into a revolutionary war. The average
    cop in the US is a bloodthirsty, sadistic, moronic, sociopathic egomaniac
    and its time to RISE UP and begin shooting back EN MASSE!

  7. B Rae says:

    Obama doesn’t do shit. He says one thing in order to get good PR and then
    doesn’t actually do anything to back up what he says. He cares more about
    corporate interests than he does about the general population. Pot Smokers
    aren’t high on his list of priorities. 

  8. Stikibits says:

    The USA has become one of the most oppressive and draconian societies on
    the planet.
    When you base your laws on bullshit, then oppression and draconian society
    is all you can achieve.

  9. Keith Richards says:

    How about Biden’s infamous dispensary crackdown.
    Lots of mixed information and disinformation to you, the voters about
    their views on this issue. Did you ever think that they gamed you. That
    they tell you one thing and are doing another behind your back.

  10. ClaimAmerica4Christ says:

    Libs will claim that Federal Law overrules state law whenever a state
    passes a law they don’t like, such as sodomy laws, but when it comes to a
    state passing a law legalizing marijuana, suddenly they’re in favor of
    state’s rights.

  11. ski czar says:

    Dave! Next time I’m in LA we need to smoke a bowl.

  12. rustinpeace gootube says:

    Prohibition is Prima Facie unconstitutional.