Durango OG – LaPlata Labs – Day 5 Flower

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December 20, 2014
4th GIVEAWAY Jipse Glass
December 20, 2014

In Full Compliance With Colorado Medical Marijuana Laws, 18+, As Always… 3/4 turned out Female, just starting to shoot out pistils on day 5 of Flower. More updates to come.


  1. NVclosetmedgrower says:

    Thanks for the update. Hope all is well bro. Plants look nice and healthy,
    happy growing

  2. unk40rm says:

    Looking good 

  3. OverGrowtheGov says:

    Laplata labs are dope breeders! u should check out the igrow culture
    podcast is locally here in Co and who allso does great deals with nature
    green remedies. go check it out bro. lots of seed comp inc Laplata and his
    brand Irie genetics.

  4. EronGrows 420 says:

    Nice update 

  5. smokesalotjohnny 420 says:

    Looks good buds!!!

  6. dirtybongwater grows meds says:

    thanks for the vid and hope you stay safe stay positive and stay medicated