Does medicinal marijuana put money in the pockets of undesirables?

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September 12, 2010
How can i get a medicinal marijuana card?
September 12, 2010
Medicinal Marijuana
nminto67 asked:

I live in Australia, and just saw a TV program about proclomation 215 in California. It was a very informative piece, and I found myself agreeing that in certain circumstances, pot could be prescribed as an effective pain reliever, as it does not have many of the side eefects of pharmaceutical pain killers.

What I found interesting though, is that according to this report, the pot supplied to patients was sourced on the black market.

Surely a certain amount of growers could be licensed as suppliers, thereby keeping this revenue out of the hands of less than scrupulous individuals?

Does anyone know much about this?


  1. Alen L says:

    Hi Mate, You could be right. From what you have said, if seems a good way to rid us of Rip -Off people. I have 1 bad Habit that I enjoy and that is a beer or three after spending 6 weeks in a Muslim (No Alcohol allowed) Country. I do not have any other vices (Except Sex though there has been little of that lately) but can see your point of registering the Growers and processors. Maybe the Big Guys should look at this.

  2. Superman says:

    California borders a country called the U.S. Consequently, the U.S. does not distinguish any difference between the licensed growers and the black market. Since according to the U.S. both are illegal and it is so much easier to target the ones who lawfully registered their locations, the U.S. sends in their law enforcement agents to raid the unarmed, sitting ducks. All that is left for patients is to either go without their medicines at all or turn to the black market for relief.

    California has also created legal exceptions for the patient’s nurse or caregiver to grow the pot on their behalf, but it is only a matter of time before the U.S. shuts them down too.

    */End of Line.