Do you qualify for medicinal marijuana if you have chronic masturbation syndrome?

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September 13, 2010
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September 13, 2010
Medicinal Marijuana
robertosanchex asked:

In California? I masturbate like five times a day. Is this enough for me to get some medicinal marijuana? Chronic Masturbation is no laughing matter and would really like to solve my problems by resorting to smoking cannabis. Thanks.


  1. Chris G says:

    yea dude go to your nearest doctor and get ur prescription ASAP

  2. phoenix; says:


  3. FoxxyBoi says:

    LOLolol nice one xD

  4. The ERIC BLAIR Project says:

    Is that why your mom is using?

  5. Dorian V says:

    If anything, cannabis will heighten your orgasm when masturbating, meaning you will still feel your orgasm even after you do so.

    It is possible to control it with medical MJ, but good luck explaining this to a doctor.

  6. Bpizz says:

    neva heard of chronic masturbation syndrome lol. sounds terrible haha. i never could masturbate when i was high. good luck

  7. Yeti says:

    In California these days? Probably. Heck, you could probably say you have this issue where you sneeze once per month and you’d get it.

    Just maybe be ready to show them the damage you’ve done to yourself if they ask. 🙂

  8. Rose says:

    lol i know you can get a green card for chronic DEPRESSION but idk about masturbation… maybe you could try getting another hobby that’d keep you from feeling the need to jerk off all the time?

  9. Josh says:


    That ain’t no symptom, it’s adolescence. I think even the average adult masturbates something like four times a day.

    Anyway, pot will almost certainly make it bet I mean worse.

  10. Mike says:

    I doubt it. Marijuana makes most people horny.