Cure For Cancer: Weed?


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Cure For Cancer: Weed?A grandfather in England is claiming that he cured his cancer using cannabis oil. He first had cancer in 2009 and was given a new liver and the all-clear, but last year new cancerous cells…

36 comments on “Cure For Cancer: Weed?

  1. musixmadness on

    Most people think it only helps with chemo side effects. That’s true but
    studies show it actually shrinks tumors in some cases.

  2. Carson Park on

    Knew I couldn’t get through a Rubin report without anti science anti GMO
    fear mongering… disappointing to see ignorance so proudly on display as

  3. Hardcore Academy on

    The video he probably watched is “Rick Simpsons Running from the Cure” in
    which Rick Simpson sent his skin cancer into remission in FOUR DAYS using
    cannabis oil.

  4. yoem on


  5. nitelite78 on

    I know what happened. God didn’t put the plants on earth. The evil pot
    plants and smoking it must be a consequence of the fall of man.

    Until we realise it saves lives at which point it of course does becomes a
    miracle from God.

  6. ZexianBlue on

    Why do people assume they have the flu when they have a cold? The flu isn’t
    just feeling a little under the weather and lethargic and having a cold,
    when you have the flu, you feel so ill. You feel like vomiting, sleeping
    all day no appetite headache fever and much more. I’m sorry to say Jimmy,
    but if you have the actual flu, you won’t be wanting to smoke weed. In
    Fact, you’d probably vomit.

  7. thepokekid01 on

    How can you not Love Shanna?
    …How can you not love Dave?!?

    sorry Jimmy. (I love you too, I just understand)

  8. tecnoblix on

    Well I have to admit Youtube has saved my live many times over. And WAY
    more educational then high school ever was. 

  9. Charles Taylor on

    When used properly, like Rick Simpsons #PheonixTears hemp oil , it DOES
    cure Cancer!! Investigate!!!!!!!

  10. Andrew Lenhardt on

    This is not news… it has been known that cannabis cures cancer.. the
    media just fails to report it.

  11. ThePowerfulPanda on

    So sad that for anything fucked up in society all you have to do is follow
    the money. Fuck big pharma and fuck the cheap whores called politicians
    (99.5% of them at least, the rest might be ok). No good reason for it to be
    illegal especially when it’s been proven to be an effective medicine. 

  12. 2lazybum on

    Tommy Chong has been talking for a while about treating himself with hemp
    oil and giving it credit for him remaining cancer free after his past fight
    with cancer.

  13. Wolfee Darkfang on

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it was used in alchemy back in the medieval era.
    It does have medical uses, and I’m sure even back then people knew it.

  14. Christian Anders on

    I am a Marine Park Ranger on the island of Bonaire. I am also a MS patient.
    The relief that Marijuana gives me is not to compare with any other drugs i
    could take. Without Marijuana i would not be able to work, to drive and
    many other things including living with pain and confusion, Marijuana is a
    wonderful thing, thank god for it. The negative false stigma atached to
    Marijuana is very sad, there are so many people suffering in the world that
    can find relief from this plant. there is only one truth. one love

  15. Koala Bear on

    “Pot everywhere and now I need to invent republicans” ERMAGAWD THATS WHERE

  16. s4623 on

    Anything that are labelled as “magic(al) cure” should probably merit
    studies but not promotions on Youtube until the mechanism is very well

  17. TheGeckoNinja on

    well since thats proof it actually helps fight cancer it should not longer
    be illegal, this should be proof enough that its not bad for you in fact
    its good for you

  18. kubemaster on

    Rick Simpson. Old news.. But glad this info is coming to the forefront. All
    about big pharma unable to make money off of sickness. 

  19. Adubb a on

    My friend smoked countless amounts of weed but overdosed on oxycontin. The
    drug companies do a lot of good for people but also some bad. Why can’t we
    choose weed instead of pharmaceuticals if we find it helps.

  20. Brendan Beckett on

    Oh boy then the fake spectre of GMOs comes out. The left’s version of
    climate denial is all this health nonsense.

  21. Jesus Rodriguez on

    I don’t mind weed but I wont smoke it. I have tried it (accidently) by
    eating brownies at my cousin’s party that honesty tasted like brownies.
    Sure enough I was playing far cry3 and was jumping off and felt a rush of

  22. teve oh on

    i’ve heard guys say it cured them of AIDS back in the days when the drugs
    being offered were worse than the disease

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