Could Marijuana Edibles Endanger Kids?

March 15, 2015
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March 15, 2015

Marijuana edibles could endanger kids, according to articles published in the New England Journal of Medicine, which looked at the problems related with state-legalized retail sales of marijuana…


  1. greenghost2008 says:

    Kids need mo weed to cool down a bit.

  2. TruthAndMoreTruth says:

    That lady never met a kid in her life.
    I there is ANYTHING that looks like candy in the house, the kids will find
    Also, pot heads are not the most careful.

  3. N0nC0nF0rMi5T says:

    Yeah, we need to just do away with the prohibition, end the war on weed
    altogether and just legalize it nationwide, tax it like gas, regulate it
    like alcohol, and go with better packaging. Let’s have the exact THC
    content clearly printed – maybe also a generic color-coded rating system
    like a mild, medium, dank, and “duuuuude” type of thing for easy visual
    reference like they do with hot sauces. Also print some clear recommended
    serving sizes, warnings not to exceed serving size, and to keep it out of
    reach of children of course. Maybe also establish a hotline where people
    can get advice on what to do if they think they have consumed too much.
    Sort of like a poison control hotline, but for people who just get too high
    and are really anxious and paranoid. Seriously, drink a glass of chocolate
    milk, eat some starchy foods, and either take a nap or distract yourself
    with a movie or a video game for a couple of hours. You’ll be fine dude,
    seriously, just chill. And Jackie… I’m not buying your full disclosure.
    You really never smoked weed? Damn. I bet you’d be funny as hell and a ton
    of fun to hang with stoned as heck 😛 LOL! Susie Sampson stoned would be
    fucking hilarious!

  4. Daz Man says:

    We are made for Marijuana. We have a cannibinoidal system. Mother’s milk
    produces thc. No propaganda they put out can change the mind of someone who
    has witnessed the miracles of Marijuana. Eating it is healthier than
    POISONS. Of course everybody knows that pharmaceuticals are good for you.
    Some chemicals and a chemistry set and we will fix you all up!!!

  5. horlacsd says:

    childrens meds are also deliberately made to taste good and seem like candy

  6. 1933Truth says:

    What about jello shots?

  7. demammoet says:

    Yeah cause using chemo therapy isn’t bad ofc. Or just having ur brain die
    from epilepsy. Also the dangerous dose, for real? It may scare a child,
    yes. But the fabrications you are putting out there now is far from what is
    to be expected from TheLiptv. That was copy paste anti-pot propaganda.

  8. SOUL REAPER says:

    Well you still can’t overdose on THC, unlike ANY PRESCRIPTION
    PHARMACEUTICAL THAT EXISTS. This sounds like more Big Pharma propaganda.

  9. Inannalu says:

    Overdoses are possible if the preparation is INCREDIBLY potent, and a HUGE
    amount is eaten. Obviously, cannabis preparations should not be kept
    anywhere children might get at them. Personally, I think it’s a SUPERB
    thing to be able to procure a cannabis preparation that will stone 1-4
    people for an entire afternoon, via edible provisions taking up no more
    room than a single Altoids tin.

  10. Superpureeliteful says:

    Question is, will it affect concentration of kids in school,if so, then
    dont give any marijuanna edible foods to children, and dont smoke
    marijuanna around children also, marijuanna should only administered to
    children if they are sick, in pain, or have cancer, nothing more, what the
    hell are people thinking, no wonder why they cant function.

  11. I ROBOT says:

    Legalize everywhere,the packaging dosage is important–keep out of the
    reach of children.Instead of getting the intrusive Gov. involved,which i
    think is a big no no-they have oversight of way too much the way it is.I
    think some of the tax money collected should be used to train parents in
    the dosage,usage of the product.The taxes collected on marjuana ,all of it
    should not go to Gov. anyway,there are too many rich cats at the top
    enjoying the fruits,when it should be used for community programs to help
    children and parents.Keep the control locally,step up and get a old hall or
    something and let those that need this drug ,be able to come in without
    fear of arrest and teach,teach,counsel,period.

  12. MrM0SH57 says:

    No, don’t regulate this stuff. It is up to the parent to regulate their
    use or where they put the edibles. If the child gets into it, it is not
    the packaging fault. It is the parent’s fault for not educating their kids
    on this stuff, especially when it’s in the house. I also don’t know if I
    would just up and trust that MJ is harmful to kids.

  13. horlacsd says:

    lol medical treatment of overdose? a nap?

  14. OldSinNewHuman says:

    Her face is oiled and greased and kinda shiny. What wrong with

  15. Dire Woof says:

    sleep is a funny word…not dangerous tho unless you never wake up

  16. joe pelham says:

    why should it ? it is not crack i have heard if kids eat that they die for
    sure .