Chemtrails over Canada.

The Controversy Over Using T5 in a Flower Room – Demonstration Time
April 10, 2014
Marijuana Grow Week 1
April 10, 2014

Chemtrails over Canada.Get beyond the conspiracy theories and protect yourself.


  1. mike opie says:

    With all do respect Chef, I think you should keep cooking and forget the
    conspiracy theories

  2. tbergentity says:

    hope we all be OK,that about sums it up

  3. Chef Derek Butt says:

    Look up people.

  4. bentheleet says:

    and why would they be spraying these toxic chemicals? the people making the
    chem trails happen have a magic bubble around them protecting them from the
    toxic chemicals? i dont think so… come on..

  5. jsphjohnson says:

    Have you noticed that you can’t buy iodine in drug stores as before…..