CannabisCureTV: Medical Marijuana Chocolate for Arthritis Inflammation Pain – Bhang California

Resolved, marijuana be legalized in the United States for medicinal and recreational purposes
November 11, 2011
growing marijuana in my room
November 13, 2011

CannabisCureTV: Medical Marijuana Chocolate for Arthritis Inflammation Pain - Bhang CaliforniaBhang Chocolate are based in Oakland California and operate under Proposition 215 passed in the state of California in 1996, voted for by the people. The produce a variety of 4 finger chocolate bars infused with high grade cannabis grown, extracted and tested in the most regulated and profressional standard as you would expect to come across for a business that produces a medicinal product that a large number of the the public are going to be buying. The packaging as well as the product raises t


  1. boabloke says:

    Now there’s a job that i actually fancy — chief taster at this place !!

  2. vermontoker says:

    perfect video. This is what mmj patients are looking for. this is medicine

  3. Gollsodia says:

    @nickinleeds Also the US!

  4. joey1324 says:

    great interview the guy is really professional and knows what he is talking about. just a suggestion next time you are inside a noisy area like you are in this video it might be a good idea to go to quitter area of the building or go outside for the interview.

  5. duffdeluxe says:

    @nickinleeds we really do man, we are so behind in action and attitude. we can have it if we want it! 🙂

  6. CannabisReviewTV says:

    the Fire Chocolate looks Dope haha

  7. bluegreen1138 says:

    Here’s to cannabis being re-legalized worldwide.

  8. Gollsodia says:

    @nickinleeds Also the US!

  9. lolx3lawlroflmao says:

    thats fucked up the banks wont recognize them as a legitimate bussiness

  10. runaround666 says:

    Great vid

  11. nickinleeds says:

    we need to get our shit sorted out in the UK! LEGALIZE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!

  12. MutantKush says:

    That was awesome man! Kindof hard to hear though, you should invest in a cheap microphone maybe.

  13. bluefly28 says:

    don’t deal with those banks, they’re owned and operated by anti-human counterparts

  14. 1234whatarewefightin says:

    That was a good interview. The interviewee was animated and positive. I wish I could hear it better. Too bad the environment was too noisy for your setup.

    I have my Cannabis Cure T-Shirt . finally arrived 🙂

  15. jadecat4321 says:

    we all jus criminals. just a different kind,the kind that don’t hurt nobody,works a 9-5 job everyday pay taxes pay mortages donate to charities go to church every sunday.But we are criminal non the less! Why? Because GOD gave us a plant a plant that scares the big money company’s. A plant the stops our pain,heals our minds and gives us peace and happiness.It really makes me sad.Sad that i live in a free country but am still a slave.

  16. superhornet69 says:

    I love how right at 1:21, you see the words “head pressure.” That is fucking brilliant! Head pressure in a cannabis lab…who would have thought?…LOL!

  17. CannabisReviewTV says:

    Very Informative Vid.. Oakland prob the Pot Capitol of the World.. that or Boulder, CO haha..

  18. KrissytheWorldWithin says:

    I wish I could up-rate this a million times, this is exactly the point that I am always making.

  19. JesusChrist108 says:

    I wanna rat one of those babys

  20. Brian7490 says:

    I love how cure says, “you can always take two bars” 7:23

  21. Gollsodia says:

    @nickinleeds Also the US!

  22. shorty1786 says:

    this is the website above change the commas to .
    sign this to help leagalise cannabis in the uk
    change commas to .

  23. Brian7490 says:

    I’ve had myself a lot of bhang bars. Absolutely FANTASTIC video. weed video of the year

  24. Starman2k1 says:

    Please sign this everyone for the chance to legalize marijuana in the uk h t t p ://

  25. ChooseFreedomNow says:

    Free choice for free people. The whole world can be this way.

  26. PeacefullQ says:

    :+) :+) :+)

  27. crazygerman1234 says:

    Hey cure, great interview man, the guy from Bhang was real professional and new what he was talking about. And those fire bars are real medicating… tastes like a block of hash though hahah.

  28. bluefly28 says:

    how do you like them apples BIG PHARMA?

  29. nathan8BIT says:

    I hope you’ve all signed this petition.

  30. CaptureTheSound says:

    The THC, CBD, and CBN interaction comparison to a band was very well said.

  31. flux5000 says:

    Drop the music, I want to hear what they are saying. Just trying to be constructive, ah, it stopped! Great work nonetheless

  32. dontchokeonthesmoke says:

    hey! there are still many parts of the US that have NO medical cannabis laws.

    Greg I deal with similar digestive issues and I have zero regulation for my herbal medicine. and of course I refuse to take big pharma drugs

  33. iddicted says:

    i like the idea but this has nothing to do with bhang. its a drink hindu people have during holi (religious holiday)
    this doesnt make sense but i want one

  34. godeau12 says:

    @jadecat4321 You wouldn’t be a criminal if that plant was called tobacco and killed millions every year whilst generating vast sums for governments and private companies.

  35. TheDrunknviking says:

    Was there any thing there you could eat?

  36. lbxwcem says:

    The bhang lassi is the drink. I take a 1/4 bar dose daily and can’t thank these guys enough ! Pain and inflamation relief all day FUCK TYLENOL !!

  37. CannabisReviewTV says:

    MMMh .. i want that chocolate lol

  38. Bret1Maverick says:

    whait a minute. The only maronalls ive seen were 30MG. looked like miniture paintballs. I know about the 10’s and 15’s but I think he means, tehy dont start above 20mg a day. Quickly they would be above that, if it works anything like regular thc, WE all fill that tolorence build up quickley. This is the most fancy edible companie ive seen.

  39. CannabisReviewTV says:

    15:00 in .. Fuck Yah.. This is Why I have been going to school for Business Administration.. This guys a Boss lmao.. last comment!!! 😛