Cannabis in the United States of America

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Cannabis in the United States of AmericaIn this video, I discuss cannabis/marijuana/pot/weed. I talk about the history of it, and how it became a schedule 1 drug, putting it in the same category as cocaine and heroin. I also talk about how much money it’s costing our country to keep weed illegal ($40+ billion). I also compare and contrast marijuana with alcohol, and talk about the medicinal aspects of pot. All in all, I think that keeping pot illegal is stupid as fuck. My sources: goaskalice.columb

11 comments on “Cannabis in the United States of America

  1. sabianultra on

    all of your information is valid and well presented i feel, but in reality marijuana will probably never be legal in the US as many government agencies like the cia and other members of government have strong holds in the drug cartels and are making many many dollars from it as illegal items have a significantly higher value than legal items. this is true for most drugs and narcotics

  2. Dalunatic23 on

    I’ve never smoked weed or anything to alter my mind but I’ve been tempted by curiosity to try it out a while ago. For the fact I’ve never tried it, I don’t really have a stand on the topic. I can see why people want to legalize it but as for now I’m neutral P.S. I like the blonde hair!

  3. loganlazarus on

    Not that I’m saying Fast and Furious was actually meant to go down the way it was, it just seems like something similar to what you’re talking about.

  4. loganlazarus on

    Hmm, I know about that one Fast and Furious incident, but that had to do with guns and it seemed like kind of an isolated incident. Do you have any evidence to back that up? I don’t mean to be an ass, but it’s an interesting claim and I’d like to look into it more.

  5. loganlazarus on

    I think the bible is a very important piece of literature that has had an incredible impact on our society, so that’s why I’m reading it. I’d like to gain a better understanding of what’s actually inside of it. I’m actually an atheist.

    I’m 18… or maybe a year younger than that. MAYBE. Thanks for the compliments! 🙂

  6. gotabme196 on

    Logan, this was a good post. Ill still be here as much as I can be to listen to all you have to say. That being said, if you read from the bible that’s fine with me too.  Thanks bud,
    Surfside Beach, SC.

  7. loganlazarus on

    But then again, where there’s smoke there’s fire I guess. (In regards to me saying it seemed like an isolated incident.)

  8. sabianultra on

    honestly just type US government drug trafficking or drug cartels into google. brings up lots of articles with different viewpoints on it. I also remember allegations of soldiers in the middle east being used to help farm opium, maybe look into that as well. might be a good place to start

  9. William Graves on

    Great video, very bright, however reading the bible Id have to oppose to that, but everything else, was simply, great! How old are you?

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