Found a marijuana weed pot dope ganja grass drug plant growing
September 29, 2011
Family Tree Care Center Co Op 2753 Bechelli Lane Redding CA 96002
September 30, 2011

CANADIAN CONNOISSEURS - OG KUSH BEASTSALL CANNABIS IN THIS VIDEO IS FOR MEDICAL USE AND IN NO WAY DOES THIS VIDEO PROMOTE,ENDORSE, OR SUPPORT THE ILLEGAL USE OF CANNABIS…og kush beast grown under 400 watt ,advanced nutrients sensi bloom part a&b,big bud,carbo load,bloombooster pro…big one in the back is day 30 flower and the one closet to the door is day 25..dirt sunshine mix #4..og kush ,weed,marijuana,cannabis,plants,sunshine mix#4, shortstuff seeds,advanced seeds,bong hits,cultivation,kush,crazy,insane,british columbia,water


  1. canadiancosnnoisseur says:

    @gemini0118 thnx bro keep watchin for the harvest!!

  2. canadiancosnnoisseur says:

    what kinda of troll dislikes a vid 10 min after uploading….ur more the welcome to tell me whats wrong with the vid and give me advice………..!!!!!!

  3. gemini0118 says:

    i have the same problem with one troll disliking my vids w=right when i upload screw em nice plants by the way looks like some killa buddha

  4. brockkkk6969 says:

    Canadian kush for life. Looks great