Can someone give me a reason not to allow medicinal marijuana for sick and dying patients when prescribed?

Where can I get a prescription for medicinal marijuana in Michigan, perferably west michigan?
September 12, 2010
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September 12, 2010
Medicinal Marijuana
scarson1109 asked:

I can’t think of any realistic reasons why – when prescribed by a legitimate doctor – our government would not allow medicinal marijuana for sick and dying patients. We allow certain Indian tribes to use a PCP derivitave in their religious ceremonies – but our sick and dying can’t use an herb that would eliminate or ease their pain in their final weeks and months?


  1. Tucson Hooligan says:


  2. ginger says:

    I thought the government did allow prescribed marijuana. I know they do in my state. In answer to your question, I see NO reason to disallow medicinal marijuana to relieve pain whether its their final weeks or not.

  3. .itsme. says:

    Exactly! I say prescribe the herb dangit!! It’s alot healthier than these chemically altered drugs out there that people are dependent upon. The govey is the biggest pusher. Dang money that is being ripped off in the prescription drug industry killing us. As far as I’m concerned if they can put people on a morphine drip then sick dying people should have the right grow and smoke the herb too! There is NO legitimate reason why it’s not allowed. Sunsabitches.

  4. darrellkern says:

    The only reason I can think of is that marijuana will take profits away from drug companies who manufacture drugs to handle this pain.

    A realistic reason why not to prescribe it? There isn’t one.

  5. sofmatty says:

    God gave us rule over all plants and animals, there should be no reason whatsoever, that you shouldn’t be allowed to ingest the herb in whatever form you may desire, doctors orders or no, the European community has allowed this and England no longer arrests their subjects for possession. Amsterdam allows it and sells it, I have heard of people moving there so they can get the medicine they need. Eventually, we all die and should be allowed to do whatever we want to as long as we are not harming or disturbing anyone else. Freedom.

  6. Laughing Man Copycat says:

    The issue goes further than just marijuana. If for example California decides to create a law, where anything would be legalized within its own boarder then US Federal Government shouldn’t have any jurisdiction. So if the marijuana is grown in California, consumed by Californians, and the California Government made it legal…Why is the Federal Government involved if it never cross states lines. 10th Amendment of the Constitution: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved for the States respectively, or to the people.

  7. Old Fuzz says:

    There are any number of legal drugs on the market that to a much superior job of controlling pain then marijuana. There are pills made containing the active ingredient in marijuana, but you can’t get high on the pill. Those folks looking for “medical marijuana” are either just pot heads looking to get high or desperate people who have been fooled into thinking marijuana is a wonder drug.

  8. penhead72 says:

    One reason is that even though it’s medicinal and lab grown the THC levels can’t be controlled in plants like they can be controlled in THC pills or other pain killers.

    Second, the damage done by the smoke to the lungs and the arteries is as much as twenty times stronger than cigarette smoke. This doesn’t help the sick and the dying do anything but, get sicker and die faster.

    All of the benefits of marijuana can be achieved without using marijuana. Other medications can be used that create the same effect. The only people I’ve seen make any argument for medicinal marijuana were already potheads. They are just wanting to legalize it.

  9. slew says:

    Marijuana is not welled study. Despite all the potheads say, there is little known about it other than how it affects the brain. All prescribed drugs are rigourosly tested for side affect and drug interaction. That hasn’t been done for pot. Even after such rigouros testing some drugs still slip through and cause unacceptable medical problems. I do know of one clinical trial for pot. It’s done in UCSF and claims that it helps AIDS patients with some sort of foot pain. Unfortunately many doctors state that it is unacceptable since pot is most likely to increase respiratory infection and is unacceptable for immunosupressed patients. The other reason is the question of legitimate doctors. I was shocked that methadone was approved for medical use outside of heroine addiction, and look what happen to Anna Nicole Smith. The Marijuana clinic in California is a joke and it is known that about anyone could get a prescription. I joked with a lot of Doctors and they seem to agree that the doctors there are just quacks.

  10. Lesley M says:

    There is no legitimate reason why not. That silliness about rigorous testing of it’s effects on the brain doesn’t make sense- If the person is dying what the hell does that matter?! Do they want to preserve those brain cells for something in particular? The only possible motivators for this dumb move are money and control. Most of it is probably that silly bonehead that thinks he’s supreme overlord of the universe, rather than an accidentally elected official.

  11. RedPower Woman says:

    I took a class on marijuana in college (just graduated).

    There are some arguments ( I won’t say I believe them but they can give you an idea what people are arguing).
    1. There is a pill with the same affects of marijuana that doesn’t require smoking the actual herb
    2. Many people abuse their power to grow the herb and use too much or sell to others (quite a bit of growers are not users, they just sell to users)
    3. The chemicals it takes to grow marijuana in large amounts are very dangerous
    4. It costs a lot to grow medical marijuana and there is a pill available, so why engage in the cost