Can a medicinal marijuana user become a CPA in California?

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Medicinal Marijuana
Jimmy asked:

I was prescribed by a doctor 6 months ago for medicinal marijuana for my chronic insomnia. I am graduating in exactly one year with a Bachelor’s in Accounting. I would like to continue pursuing my career in becoming a CPA after I get my degree.

Would my use of medicinal marijuana conflict with my goal of becoming a CPA?

2 comments on “Can a medicinal marijuana user become a CPA in California?

  1. Ryan M on

    CPA no…..getting hired to work anywhere…yes it will. When will CA modify that law to apply to people with REAL aliments. The spirit of the law was to help terminally ill patients and those with EXTREME pain. You and I BOTH know that you would be smoking that stuff if you had a prescription or not. No one wants a pot head accountant on their payroll. You need to remember that accounting is a VERY conservative industry.

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