BHO Muffin Madness – 70 grams of Green Coal

Knottyy’s G13 – Medicinal Marijuana
March 31, 2012 – Canada’s #1 SeedBank – Robot Commercial #1
March 31, 2012

BHO Muffin Madness - 70 grams of Green CoalBest in 720p. Vac purging a big batch of Green Coal using a 2.5 cfm pump and a Scienceware desiccator. This came to about 70 grams of extremely fragrant and tasty oil after purging. I’ve since learned that it’s easier to vacuum smaller amounts of oil at a time as to avoid huge muffins like this which can overflow the dish and get all over the inside of the vacuum chamber. If you are a WA State MMJ card holder, from the Seattle area and would like your trim processed into top shelf BHO shoot me a


  1. nigel4sher says:


  2. TheDCC420 says:

    nuts, what did the end result look like?

  3. taberman says:

    Shiet now that’s a purge

  4. NWGreenThumb says:

    bake me a muffin please….whats good with getting more youtube videos up and adding some length to them? SHIET DAWG?!

  5. RHUENS says:

    now thats a muff .