Best Medical Marijuana
June 16, 2012
grow2.0 nightshade what i’m using
June 16, 2012

Best Medical Marijuanastill smoking…harvest07 Medical marijuana 2007 harvest smoke out. I’m a strong advocate for medicinal marijuana as I have used it as a substitute for my pharmacudical medication which has 30 times worse side effects and doesnt work as efficiently. Marijuana is not ilegal because it’s bad for you, it is ilegal because it can not be controlled like pharmacudical drugs.


  1. kochammata says:


  2. FriendstersFacebook says:

    California? thats hella far my radius of smoking pot is only up to B.C. (British Columbia) and I just moved in here, I dont have my visa to cross the border yet.

  3. kochammata says:

    the harvest is still going lol u can be in that room 🙂

  4. ItsYaBoiRick says:

    Dam thats a phatty lol, i needa go blaze up now

  5. FriendstersFacebook says:

    OMG. I was looking for this video, I was planning to show my friends about this video but then i forgot the title. Damn, thnx for commenting back. Anyways, seriously I really wish from the bottom of my heart and insides i wish i was in that room. lol pz out smokerz. wait since no one ever click on the like button i will click on it.

  6. kochammata says:

    purple haze

  7. kochammata says:

    thanks! a stoner who shares is a stoner who cares, we would have totally invited you in 🙂 the harvest is still going on hehe except not on my side of cali. the guy in the beanie is the gardner, this video was shot in bakersfield, i live at the beach now

  8. kochammata says:

    the song is called the persian by  Darren Leigh Purkiss

  9. stonecoldrockz says:

    song please?

  10. FriendstersFacebook says:

    dammmn.. i wish i was in that room..