Banned for sharing truth at Activist Website Grasscity over 74989 active members

Afghan #1, Aurora Borealis, White Widow (Week 8)
April 18, 2012
Drug bust in Colombia
April 18, 2012

Banned for sharing truth at Activist Website Grasscity over 74989 active membersI am banned for sharing truth about Repealing the unconstitutional cannabis laws to end cannabis prohibition at the cannabis activist website Grasscity that has 74989 Active Members, 870570 Threads, 13237551, Posts, and 500820 Members as of April 18, 2012. Grasscity is Controlled Opposition that is preventing any real movement for peace or eco-justice from taking place I have a lot of evidence to back up my claims do your own research and check everything watch my video Cannabis Activist Website


  1. TheGameClerk says:

    bs lol

  2. MedicalCannabisSpain says:

    I do actually agree with your views…. regarding tax (theft) and regulation(control) at least… As for Grasscity, poss’ just rubbed someone up the wrong way, it happens. I lost count of the amount of forums etc I used to be banned from places (and lost a lot of hardwork) for speaking my mind in a civil manner..
    do your own site it can be done for peanuts 😉

  3. yellowecotec says:

    It’s as if the government controls cannabis activism. CANADA and THE UNITED STATES are corporations. I have a previous video called Mind Control Evidence at Grasscity Depopulation Agenda uploaded in May 2011.

    The government is fixing the price of fuel, energy, medicine, fiber with their laws sites like grasscity helped get cannabis laws to where they are now in canada where you need to see a doctor for a plant safer than Water and they limit how many plants people can grow if they pay money

  4. yellowecotec says:

    if cannabis laws can get to where they are now why not just repeal the unconstitutional laws and end cannabis prohibition so there are NO LIMITS OR RESTRICTIONS? In my video World Government Election Fraud 2012 Part 3 I show Newt Gingrich saying repeal obamacare and his followers clap and stand up for him!!!!! ending cannabis prohibition by repealing the laws would do far more to save lives and fix the economy its such a joke and newt gingrich proposed the death penalty for cannabis in 1997.

  5. yellowecotec says:

    I know its sad so many of us get banned and nobody notices thats why I am documenting evidence of anomalous activity I encounter and make videos. I am saving up for my own website but I am broke week after week living at my mothers after paying rent. One day I will and all my censored documentaries on youtube and vimeo will be available to watch with no ads or anything.

    I can make a way better website I wish I had better tools, so I started this: