Are there really medicinal uses for marijuana?

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September 10, 2010
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September 10, 2010
Medicinal Marijuana
Scott S asked:

My state of Wisconsin is considering a bill to legalize medicinal marijuana. Is it worth supporting or is it just a ploy to start getting it legalized for recreational use?


  1. Nothing else I can say says:

    It’s been proven that a marijuana spray can relieve the pain of throat cancer, so it must have some benefits

  2. Choqs says:

    Yes it has medicinal properties. People suffering through the nausea of chemotheraphy have found it very useful as it settles their stomach and they can manage to eat. I believe it is also used to help people who have glaucoma.

  3. Larry E says:

    It probably helps but I’m sure there are medication available that are just as effective. I think all the pot heads are pushing for it so they can get their hands on it easier. I have had glaucoma for 40 years and it’s been controlled just fine with drops.

  4. henok a says:

    About medical marijuana, medicinal marijuana, and medical uses of marijuana. The debate over the use of marijuana for medical purposes has been ongoing for years. In June 2005, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against medical use of marijuana, but emphasized the decision was not over whether marijuana is effective for pain relief.

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  5. Schenn says:

    Yeah but it can also cause throat cancer lol… You most likely would not have gotten it in the first place if you hadn’t smoked weed. A close friend of mines dad just went through throat cancer all because he used to smoke weed in high school 20 years ago. I have heard it helps with asthma and other respiratory illness’s though and I do not see how it is any worse then smoking cigarettes.

  6. D says:

    yes alot of people who have cancer need it for they’re nausea so they can eat

  7. ghost says:

    it has many many benefits, and it’s amazing
    you should definately support

  8. Myles says:

    It’s very helpful for excruciating muscle pain.

  9. Jimmy says:

    That’s all I need to say.

  10. Simi says:

    marinol is an eyedrop solution that effects occular pressure, Im told.

  11. homeless jamesbond says:

    Its has many therapeutic effects for cancer patients, mainly to treat nausea.Saying legalizing marijuana for medicinal uses will lead to legal recreational use is crazy. amphetamine, oxycodone, and cocaine have legal medical uses, but they sure as hell aren’t legal any other way.

  12. Oninja says:

    Mostly for a kind anesthetic to relieve pain. Most people with medical cards have ongoing pain issues that aren’t strong enough to merit extended use of a hard pain killer. There are actually 2 major strains, sativa and indica. Sativa is usually what is used for medical purposes because it gives you a strong body high and makes it very easy to ignore these types of pains. Indica gives more of a head or mind high which is helpful, but not as much as sativa. It can also be used for various other applications, depression, various personality disorders. Truthfully the stuff is amazing for medical use, you don’t even have to smoke it, they ahve ways of making lip gloss out of it, variuous snack foods, even pills and stuff. California has an entire industry revolving around medical marijuana. Canada even has a sublingual spray called Savitex that is make from marijuana that is used to treat multiple sclerosis : )

  13. Katelynn♥ says:

    Yes, they actually have proven that marijuana can be used to help people ease the pain in many medical situations. They used to use it as a pain killer, but not anymore because it’s now a illegal. They found out that people have been getting hi’s off it, and because of that the people just want it for their own recreational use. I think it would be fine for Wisconsin to legalize medicinal marijuana, but only medicinal because otherwise their might be some problems..

  14. Divine Oubliette says:

    Medical Marijuana: A Surprising Solution to Severe Morning Sickness
    By Erin Hildebrandt
    Issue 124 May/June 2004

    For more information about nausea or marijuana, see the following articles in past issues of Mothering: “Nausea During Pregnancy” no. 52; “Marijuana in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding,” no.42; and “Coping With
    Nausea in Pregnancy,” no. 30.


  15. Colton says:

    Yes. It can be used to sooth nausea from chemotherapy allowing patients to eat easier. It helps ease the pain of MS. It increases blood circulation in AIDS patients. It helps people who have natural (and not for that matter) eating disorders and allows for them to eat regularly. Cannabis is not only fun for getting high, it can be used for many medical purposes. Just like many meds. Vicodin, DXM, Oxycodin, and many more.

  16. anonymous says:

    There are medical uses for it. Cancer patients can use it for the intense nausea and decreased appetite/wasting that comes along with chemotherapy or radiation, because marijuana has almost an immediate effect of stopping nausea, and stimulates the appetite so they can eat and therefore avoid wasting away. Many cancer patients also reported that if they use marijuana, they find that they don’t need to use as much narcotic medication for cancer pain. I know some of you may be thinking that cancer patients shouldn’t smoke it because smoke irritates the lungs, but most cancer patients use a vaporizer to use marijuana which is just inhaling the vapors instead of smoke.

    I believe there are MANY uses of medical marijuana and it should be legal, for medicinal, religious or recreational use. It’s not a hard drug that causes people to go insane, commit crimes or kill others.. there is really no harm in it even for those who use it recreationally. Some people can use it for headaches, motion sickness, anxiety, and natural alternatives to conventional pain medicine. I don’t smoke it myself, but I definitely support legalization, even if it were solely for cancer patients. I have seen first hand the kind of suffering they go through watching my grandfather die from brain cancer that spread to his lungs and bones. He went through 6 months of the worst sickness and pain you can imagine before he passed away. I wished that marijuana were legal at the time just on the chance that he would be in less pain without having to take so many strong painkillers and be able to eat normally, even if his prognosis was grim and he had no chance for recovery. I can’t see any reason to deny a cancer patient something that could help them suffer less during radiation or chemo, which are absolute hell to go through.

  17. Rachel says:

    I think it has some legitimate uses, mainly for those going through chemotherapy that have upset stomachs and can’t eat easily.
    I think most of the reasons people are now suggesting as for why they need it are bullshit, though. Being depressed, having ADD/ADHD, having migraines, etc. It’s not a cure-all, although I’m sure some stoners will tell you differently.