AFG Day22

Cannabis Paste
May 8, 2014
Strawberry Kush Marijuana Strain – 15 Thousand-Watt Lights
May 8, 2014

AFG Day22Feeding with: Fox Farm Tiger Bloom & Big Bloom, Triple Super Phosphate & Potassium Sulfate, Liquid Karma, B52, Bud Candy & Bud Factor X, Rhino Skin, Cal-Mag plus, Magnesium Sulfate, Ful-Power…


  1. DystoniaDabs says:

    I ad Ful-Power, Hygrozyme, and Dark Energy to every clean watering up until

  2. Laudra Waller says:

    I’ve got a 2’7 by 2’7 by 6 feet grow tent im in my first crop and I put my
    veging plants in the tent at like 1and a half feet . and I did not get the
    height I wanted what size would you put them in I no it depends on strain
    but I just want a average .oh ya I hope your daughter stays healthy

  3. 420afterfitness says:

    so thats what wind damage looks like..think i may have some. def picking up
    some ful-power! thanks for the advice man you always have good info!

  4. DystoniaDabs says:
  5. matanuska high says:

    you use azos in flower? i only used them in veg since they say stop using
    in they do work well though. they look great