4/20 Smoke Sesh in a Medical Marijuana Collective! HAPPY 420!!!!!!!!

April 26, 2015
Ungüento Cannábico
April 26, 2015

HAPPY 420 OG’s!!! ☆ Ever want to have a 420 bash inside a collective?! Thanks to Reseda Daily Deals we can scratch that off our bucket list! HAPPY 420, consume responsibly and have fun! …


  1. MILK MAN says:

    I want to smell to ! MILKM@N(oYo)

  2. gbaby productions says:
  3. OG Bobby says:

    WooooHoooooo G, looks like a Stoney 420 for you and the Crew. Nice to see
    Nate and Krissy also. My 420 was fairly lame but got beans popping. I had 4
    killer purple beans and I did the drop into spring water and the next day
    they were just cracking open then they just stalled out. Ahhhh, I’m so
    aggravated that this happened. I never had this happen like this, I’ve had
    them not pop but never a pop and stall, Have You G? I put them in my soil
    after I saw them popping but to not like this. I’m soooo bummed out. I
    think for now on I’m going to be putting right. 

  4. Justin Brookes says:


  5. j newb says:

    If anyone can help I’d appreciate. Just started a small closet grow, I’m
    using a tomato plant fert from miracle grow. Heard tomato plants and
    cannabis use similar nuts. But heard a lot of bad things when using
    miracle. I’m almost 3 weeks in veg, and have only used this fert once as
    directed. So do I stop miracle and switch? What kind for decent price and
    not off internet. Also heard that my urine works for nutrients if diluted.
    Sounds nasty but willing to try anything with a better feedback 

  6. BlkJesusHerbChemist says:

    Bro I need some of those big ass raw papers can’t find them in michigan!!!!

  7. dontbeknowing says:

    Modern opium den.

  8. Grow420Guide says:

    If we can get 420 likes on this video, I will release behind the scenes,
    bloopers and the uncut draft! #HAPPY420

  9. Justin Brookes says:

    Sweettttt, smoking in a dispensary lol that’s what’s up. I smoked mad
    people up, and gave out madddd goodie bags to a ton of people. Its hard
    when everyday is 4/20 hahha Sweet video tho. Cheers G 

  10. j newb says:

    Ya was thinking pre was a no..lol thanks for the info

  11. maximus the cannabist says:

    Glad you had a cool 420 bro mine was kinda crazy can’t remember to much
    smoked up a good amount had a bbq and just chilled stay up brudda.

  12. Johnny Robles says:

    Where you been og?

  13. gbaby productions says:

    First to be here nice

  14. Shealyn Nastally says:

    Sweet dude! Looks like a fun time. 🙂

    BTW, your videos just keep getting better and better. I love the quality
    and effort, thank you!

    I smoked with a bunch of friends and we drew collaborative abstract
    drawings super baked x)