大麻で難病を治す「医療大麻」最前線 – Medicinal Marijuana in Japan

Outdoor Guerilla Grow 2013 Part 1
May 20, 2014
Полевые работы (аут, высадка десанта)
May 20, 2014

大麻で難病を治す「医療大麻」最前線 - Medicinal Marijuana in Japanごの動画の記事URL: アメリカでは迒年、「大麻はアルコールほど危険ではない」と公言ざたオバマ米大統領を筆頭に、大麻の社会的取げ入れ佔制が強まっている。2013年にはコロラド州・ワシントン州で喜好唁とざて合…


  1. citizenzombie says:


  2. Stone Tacular says:

    Ive said it before and ill say it again- SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY

  3. Bryan Lee says:

    dallas buyers club-esque

  4. hiahia891891 says:

    oh how many japanese have no idea how much their culture/country was
    “restructured”/ destroyed by the US after the war?? all the “traditional”
    religious things scattered around the country and even middle aged folks
    have no idea why they go there and/or do what they do . *freedom* came a
    knockin; made into mindless consumers

  5. jae herbski says:


  6. Naim Ali says:


  7. Based Ty says:

    blame the usa 

  8. blazinchalice says:

    It takes a lot of courage for these people to make this video. They should
    be commended for putting their names and faces out there. Some good work
    by VICE, too.

  9. JohnSullivanMusic says:

    not only is cannabis an integral part of japans history (yes cannabis and
    hemp were traded in ancient days and BOTH were equally important) but it
    used to so valued and treasured all over Asia, the jomon had many pottery
    motifs depicting hemp and cannabis, if not legalizing it because of its
    medicinal properties, but also because it is part of japans history! this
    western DEA craze has been to stop what? the dangers of cannabis? Or, the
    production of hemp based plastics and oils and cannabis pharmaceuticals you
    be the judge.

  10. Rich Mikesell says:

    Lots of love and well wishes from Amsterdam.

  11. Kyle Boasythong says:

    them babies though cutee!!!

  12. ALuckyDonkey says:

    i’ll have you know, i only cried a little. yua-chan & pop-san gambate!

  13. 紅茶酒・吸血鬼・ラヴ says:



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  15. Javier Antonio Ocampo Gomez says:

    Este documental esta muy bien hecho, felicidades, esperemos que se legalice
    para bien.
    Excellent documentary, very well done, i hope it gets legalized for the
    good of people.

  16. alda izaak says:

    Cannabis has a long history in medicinal value. Somewhere somehow lobbyist
    campaign to get them banned. Medically it has proven itself time and time
    again. Even horses in the wild eat hemp. 

  17. erwin dwi says:

    This case is happening too in Indonesia. The law said that cannabis (we
    call it “Ganja” in Indonesia) same as narcotic.

  18. Animurh says:

    Shame about Yua, right in the feels. I think we have a similar situation
    about cannabis here in Canada when compared to Japan. Cops don’t really
    wanna arrest for it and they won’t in most cases but will since it’s the
    law and the courts themselves think the law is a joke too. Hopefully the
    next elected party will abolish the law I have a good feeling it will be
    gone soon. The pros heavily outweigh the cons.

  19. My Locomotive Diary says:





  20. Foo Joon Sunn says:

    I seriously think the policy around marijuana should be given a rethink in
    our country. I want to have access to this drug when the day arrives that I
    need it. CBD is a non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant, which
    has the pain-killing effect without the ‘high’.

    Unless of course, big pharma has a leg in this…

  21. Heart Wig says:

    Is there any updates for how the oil worked on the small child? If anyone
    knows, please do send me a link!

  22. Shroom Hunter says:

    dude is another hero in the struggle….

  23. VICE Japan says:


  24. ほぅ says:


  25. babeiggeh says:

    opium is okay but weed is a 7 year sentence.

  26. 安東三 says:


  27. Jack Williams says:

    when that old lady whipped out the bottle of opium I got a hard on! :)

  28. YorickReturns says:

    I think that all drugs should be legalized. That said, Americans
    complaining about an alleged ‘failed War on Drugs’ need to stop arguing
    that way and start advocating for legalization on moral principle. America
    doesn’t have a War on Drugs. Japan does, countries such as Singapore even
    more so.

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  30. john pete says:

    Vice japan NEEDS English subtitles. There are so many good documentaries

  31. Hase Tomone says:


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  33. Marina Estheim says:

    these parents are so considerate

  34. まさのぶ  田中 says:


  35. James Peach says:

    i was the 420th like lol

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  37. Kruell says:

    A very lovely documentary! I like that they explained CBD very clearly,
    because I haven’t heard much about it at all before.

  38. Necropedophile69 says:

    Japan’s drug policies suck wery much

  39. TheTristanoz says:

    As a dutch native, this is unbelievable to me.

  40. けいたん。 says:


  41. sfaddic182 says:

    One of those laws that we’re made back in the old days for selfish reasons
    that are now taking a toll at a modern country. Seriously hope someone can
    get this to be reformed or abolished.

  42. soapyMactavish says:

    that poor little girl’s story is such a bummer :'(

  43. Christina Myotte says:

    大麻で難病を治す「医療大麻」最前線 – Medicinal Marijuana in Japan:

  44. DrParga says:

    Is there a English version of this video. 

  45. Zarkiv says:

    Please make this on English, hell I would even take Engrish.

  46. thisninjajango says:

    That baby in the thumbnail is higher than shit

  47. Acuravigor47 says:

    I hope the CBD works for the little girl.

  48. instantramen says:

    0:34 Immediately when I heard Yuka’s voice, I was like yesssssss, love her

  49. Micky Macky says:

    CBD oil seems like chinese medicine.

  50. Adam Flynn says:

    Smoking it will give you cancer, inhaling any smoke is really bad for you.
    Vaporize or eat it.