Weed humor dope smoking comedy Ep38Part2


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Weed humor dope smoking comedy Ep38Part2Weed humor dope smoking comedy show. Watch a pot parody of the Beverly Hillbillies, plus a Waiting To Inhale documentary review, the differences between hookahs and bongs, then a story about someone getting busted for marijuana pictures.

17 comments on “Weed humor dope smoking comedy Ep38Part2

  1. GrandMasterSuperPhD on

    hahahhhahhaa……..mad mick with the double barrel sawed off……. justice!!! …. has anyone seen justice????? Bang!!! BANG!!!

  2. BakedPotatoesTV on

    Tanx, I do calls’em as I seez’em. If they want to play that game, so can we. As a matter of fact, we’ve already come up with a few games of our own that we’ll be implementing if we get the reeferlution kicked into second gear. They’ll be very aggressive tactics, but non-violent as well of course.

  3. BakedPotatoesTV on

    Great, say hi and welcome to the reeferlution for us. Have a double good one and you’re definitely welcome again.

  4. BakedPotatoesTV on

    I think I saw them put justice into the system, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Ah well, we’ll just have to keep shooting the aholes down until we do find it. We might need a machine-gun for all of them though. Hypothetically, of course.

  5. KeepinItRealMofo on

    “all cops are automatically assholes” haha your damn right man! great video as all ways!

  6. BakedPotatoesTV on

    Tanx, but what can I say, some songs just naturally fall perfectly into place. Not every time of course, but I’ll take them when I can. Unfortunately I had to cut it a little bit short because of time restraints though. Have a good one.

  7. hunzedog on

    I about shit when i heard you say bongwater bob. I wondered why i was getting more hits. you guys rock. where do you live, i need to smoke a joint with you guys….

  8. hunzedog on

    I about shit myself when i heard you say bongwater bob. you guys rock … where do you live…..i gotta smoke a big fat joint with yall. THANKS AND KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT……….peace bongwater bob

  9. TerrierBram on

    Justice for stoners? Freedom with plants! When we all start to consume those containers with a certain function we slowly got brain washed. Now children think that tomatoes are made at a Toyota plant in China. Plants provide food, and medicinal value. Plants provide work,food, and health. I am not interested in the justice of a fascistic system, anyway.

  10. BakedPotatoesTV on

    Yeah, long live the reeferlution because we’re sick and tired of putting up with their bullshit. Who says that they are automatically right about everything. It’s a new world and a new generation, but the fascist fucks are still making the decisions and still brainwashing everyone. That definitely has to change.

  11. BakedPotatoesTV on

    We’ll definitely take that as a good review, glad you liked it. Lots more coming too of course.

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