V-Nasty – F* Your Face

Why Weed Strain Reviews Are Pointless
March 26, 2013
Ep 287 SoGauDa Prt 2 1080p Hd Soma Seeds Flower Review Medical Strain Weed Buds
March 26, 2013

V-Nasty - F* Your FaceCheck out for all of our exclusive videos, pictures and behind the scenes. Music Video by V-Nasty performing F* Your Face. Directed B…


  1. IlsuemOkosch196 says:

    thank you hoe, for throwing a bad light on weed, with this bullshit.
    you just act and look like a crackhoe without any crack..

  2. CJ Brown says:

    thats how the strongest strains of purp get you feeling..like this shit right here..lol

  3. efrey777 says:

    If you feel like this when you smoke weed….you just shouldn’t smoke weed. Dumbest fuckin song ive ever heard. I now give up on new hip-hop. Wu-Tang forever.

  4. Yung Don says:


  5. David Messier says:

    idgaf she bad just give me a couple days she stay wit the dick haha

  6. Jesse Hernandez says:


  7. AirmaxSteven says:

    she fits to basedgod

  8. Raymond Diaz says:

    Fuckin Jerome Rogers.. Random

  9. xXRoBBiExRoCkZXx says:

    it’s different but it’s cool though I like it and if you don’t like something don’t watch it lmaoo why are you wasting your breath talking shit ? .. lol

  10. TricksticKx says:

    this shit bum as fuck mane

  11. LilStig333 says:

    more ENERGY yo, y do deez hoes always need a real rap nigga 2 sound good on a joint…

  12. mylesaminute says:


  13. MrBenny270 says:

    this is stupid even stupider then usual

  14. Sigmund Freud says:

    bitch high as fuck trippin’ and shit

  15. muntedhead says:


  16. kalispeea says:

    Wtf ? 100% bullshit

  17. rudy rodriguez says:

    Wtf…… Garbage

  18. siopesoleil says:

    fuckin wack smh. 

  19. biozzardt says:

    ugly junk

  20. MarcelLovesJerkinX says:

    lol white girl tryna fake asap rocky

  21. Shewieloveskamai says:

    This makes me wanna unsub

  22. LovensPresume says:

    She gets 10k+ views & my songs don’t?? Check out my channel, promise it’s better than this.

  23. Deon Williams says:

    WTF is this.

  24. sk1record says:

    Weak as fuck… shame.

  25. jayjaydgaff55 says:


  26. Ricee Mitchell says:

    sounds like riffraff …lol

  27. Advanceboy260 says:

    BLKDMNDS sure your holla at me song was awesome but this video is complete bullshit

  28. ggab11 says:

    the fuck ASAP flow

  29. Ciara C says:

    This is sad. But I love her Side Cut!

  30. Marian Grigore says:

    заебись! )

  31. Axel Faith says:

    Dam who wrote ur lyrics? Gucci mane? Haha. Weak. Alyssa marie murder ths chk at rapping!

  32. Chris Howard says:

    I want her…

  33. Nico Merz says:

    tuotuo pou

  34. xTR0IKAx says:

    She is the sister of Riff Raff.

  35. Greenwoods19 says:

    smoke more ;)

  36. MrKillswitch707 says:

    gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, why put in effort?

  37. BombersHQ says:

    tha fuck is this shit she popped in and out of the game quicker than a rabbit jumping back in its hole

  38. Adrian Hernandez says:


  39. nesi017 says:

    Should be remixed into some dubstep type shit

  40. Janelle Gonzalez says:

    Wtf is going on?

  41. Kobrazx says:

    it looks like she use to look good before she went fully retarded

  42. jayjaydgaff55 says:

    Ya niggas nigga stfu w all this hatin shir foreo , if you dont like or her music tf is you doin here ?! GTFO and let her be, she tha one getting stacks unlike your dumass

  43. Sally Green says:

    This has MIA in it

  44. BevOh13 says:


  45. Roman Schol says:

    too much codein?

  46. Sam JOH says:


  47. proveone1 says:

    I’m feel’n the visuals,and the beat is NICE

  48. LadiesssLoveTURNT says:

    The fxck .. nxgga fxck yo face! Lmao

  49. Charles Lott says:

    This is official. She’s got so many haters…Imma pass this along on twitter and facebook. This is a good concept…visual and dope music. Socks and swag up. Let this woman keep holdin her 2 kids down with this rap shit. I wanna see what else she do.