Rand Paul: GOP Can Grow If It Accepts Something Different Than “Cookie Cutter” Conservatives


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Rand Paul: GOP Can Grow If It Accepts Something Different Than

50 comments on “Rand Paul: GOP Can Grow If It Accepts Something Different Than “Cookie Cutter” Conservatives

  1. yakyakyak69 on

    Force the Neocon Statists like Graham & McCain back into the Democrat party where they belong.


    stick that IN your PIPE and SMOKE that you are a SHEET DEBATER


    I AM not BLAMING HIM , stop bending the REALITY , IF HE IS FOR real tell HIM to RUN as a CONSTITUTIONALISTS

    AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE AWAKE and ready to LISTEN and 1.6 BILLION hole point BULLETS are not IMAGINARY

  4. stricklandfan on

    The American people aren’t awake. If they were, then Ron Paul would be President. The American people choose between two Statists (Obama and Romney), I didn’t though, because I actually am awake, 99% of voters voted for one of them, 1% of us voted for someone else.

  5. stricklandfan on

    LESS bullets available for American citizens to BUY or HIGHER PRICES for bullets they ACTUALLY do buy makes the government less-trusted in your mind. I BELIEVE the VOTING PUBLIC actually supports the GOVERNMENT making BULLETS more expensive. I don’t like the government purchase of these bullets, but that’s not the point.
    Non-ANASTATIC enough for you. Sorry to point out the implication in your rambling.


    i don’t know how you got 1000 subscribers DID YOU BUY THEM on SALE you are a real RETARD and NOT in titled TO A opinion

    YOU and MCCAIN belong in SAME hole together like PUTIN SAD you are CLEARLY a MISS-INFORMER

  7. Jon Right on

    I hope you people realize just what exactly is going on. It’s so disturbing it will make your hair curl. It is real. The illuminati have an agenda, have for centuries. They are in the white house, just look at the dollar bill and what it says in under the eye pyramid. Many people have a hard time believing this because it’s been hidden for so long and we have been lied too. But it’s very real and everything is happening as we speak. We have to do something people I’m dead serious.God bless.


    prove to me THAT YOU NO FOOL walk across my swimming pool . WHEN THE NEWS ABOUT DRONES ” can KILL AMERICANS ” ON THEIR OWN SOIL ,CAME OUT it was N1 news on TWEETER
    the ANA-STATIC is wearing thin

  9. TheRemoteMower on

    Even Obama agrees the gov’t wastes too much money – so waste it on this experiment: No taxes for no one for a year and give each working American a bail out per each person’s situation.


    SO if does not BRING this UP he is the inside mad and no referent from the rest of the SOLD OUT PACIFIST

    a FLIP-FLAPPER got the POINT

  11. TheRemoteMower on

    80%-90% of internet users are on Twitter. 95% of all voters are internet users. You do the math. Gun laws are a cover for whats really going on according to history.

  12. stricklandfan on

    1. People on twitter are nowhere near the VOTING majority.
    2. Who do you think the people on twitter voted FOR?
    3. What % of people on twitter ACTUALLY BELIEVE the right to bear arms shall NOT be infringed?
    I would bet that most people on twitter actually want so-called ‘assault weapons’ banned, so if the government buys bullets to drive up the price of them, they would argue that the bullet purchases are actually a good thing.


    BREAKING Huge DHS Military Equipment Movement on Train in AZ March 2013 WATCH the VIDEO

  14. stricklandfan on

    So if he just brings it up and nothing happens like always that would make you happy. You’re happy that the federal government sends our hard earned money to dictators around the world (supposedly so they will be our friends), because Rand Paul has pointed it out? What people say means nothing if nothing is actually done. Do you think a non-internationalist like Rand Paul likes the government spending so much on bullets? Blame Obama for the actual bullet purchases!

  15. Dominic Cavalli on

    I’m not sure if what you are saying is true, but assuming it is we should not base our opinion of someone on their parents. Marco’s views may not be his fathers, people are individuals and capable of making up their own minds. I personally disagree with Marco, and like Rand much more, but it is unfair to hold Marco accountable for things his father did

  16. stricklandfan on

    I just can’t believe that if Rand Paul says, “Hey what’s up with the government spending so much money on bullets, we shouldn’t be doing this.” then you would be fine with him. You’ve completely ignored the rest of my arguments. Direct your anger at the people actually buying the bullets!! Would that be so hard? Paul wants to cut the government. 82 other members of the senate want to increase the size of government. Blame them!! Wake up…


    but NOW most of them are SCARED of DRONES and that is JUST ADDS to the PARANOIA and MISS-TRUST in GOVERNMENT

    like i sad the ANA-STATIC is wearing thin

  18. redman6657 on

    The government is here to serve the needs of the people, not to fulfill their agenda, not to gain “political points”, and not to run in a campaign mode during a term. This is something one learns in a Civics class for crying out loud! If Rand Paul is a leader that the people want, he should be the leader. Period.

    Even though I’m not in full agreement with Libertarians, I would still vote for Rand. He is here to serve for what’s in the best interest of the people, not for himself.

  19. adva501 on

    GOP is garbage !! They use pussies who are afraid of their own shadows , to vote because of the government is going to come for them !!! And the truth is that republicans won’t cut government , they didn’t do it before and won’t do it now ! Fucking garbage corrupt fuckers ! Stop giving BP $4 billion in tax breaks , that’s called spending money , but the GOP counts on ignorants not to recognize that !

  20. unclefixer on

    The problem with the GOP is they are nothing more than more affluent version of the democrats. Big spenders, increasing government control and selling out the working people for the ultra rich.
    If they go back to what made America great, build business, get government out of peoples business and back to being servants, not bosses., cut spending and waste . Build the people up and the country will be great, a great place to live, a great place to work, free and prosperous.


    I think they’re all horrible. These politicians are already bloody rich, and yet none of them is willing to give up the lifetime benefits. That’s just gross.

  22. stricklandfan on

    Some dude pulls a statistic out of his ass and you champion him and I’m the idiot. You ARE a sheep! Believe whatever you want! Be lazy!

  23. SkyAndFlux on

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  24. stricklandfan on

    1. 15% of online adults use Twitter as of February 2012, and 8% do so on a typical day. (Pew)
    2. 13% of Twitter users are over 50.
    3. 50% of the voters in the last election were over the age of 50.
    Your statistics are not even close.

  25. vince sin on

    “”Paul told Wallace that the Republican Party needs a candidate who will reach across party lines.”” more of the same. crap… reach across and move left… sorry kinda sick of that tactic.

  26. LibertyMom1024 on

    Huge loophole! Involved in combat could be defined as defending your home when the gun grabbers come to your house.

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