On The News, 20K Subs, Edibles, Gift Smoking!

Obama Says Feds Won’t Challenge States On Legal Marijuana
April 8, 2013
Dabs yaaa a lil hammered
April 8, 2013

On The News, 20K Subs, Edibles, Gift Smoking!Talking about stuff; infused with pictures! So I was on the news, I reached 20000 subscribers, edibles make me chill & sleepy, but those Peach Dream bars we…


  1. Yashhh06 says:

    Can you send me the link to the news report? Havent seen it :/ haha

  2. Yashhh06 says:

    Im pretty sure that was just some special effect 😛

  3. J Brown says:

    You probably won’t read this but I have noticed that you are making fewer videos lately, I understand that you have a life outside of youtube and now have a job and I am saying thats okay i am just wondering if you could possibly increase the amount of videos you are putting out even by just a little? because I love your videos and the more the better to me but either way i will love em p&p

  4. Joe kewl says:

    Ok.. now… why dont you go back to smoking dick, since weed doesnt seem to be working for you….

  5. Jair Da Silva says:

    Dude do u get high? U smoke some dank shit but u never look stoned or even a little hig.

  6. Mark Suzuki says:

    MDMA is the main component if extacy tht gives that euphoric feel. extacy is MDMA cut with drugs like cocaine and heroin etc…

  7. porkdanpie says:

    kid fuck you, your lucky you talkin behide a screen you pussy ass bitch, talk shit to my face ima knock you the fuck out, your probaly like fucking 12 and just starting to smoke, you dont know shit. so fuck you and stop talking shit before, you little immature cock sucker

  8. smkinbuds420 says:

    Mark did you hear about Illinois potentially trying to legalize medical marijuana? They’ve tried doing this several times but it never went through until now since they rewrote the bill and now they think that it will actually pass. If you have the time I’d appreciate your thoughts on what you think might happen here in Illinois.

  9. bishplis says:

    no, its speed and mdma, mda

  10. Yashhh06 says:

    Nvm just watched it, that shits retarded.

  11. JHSS42 says:

    How does he abuse it?

  12. fic15 says:

    Whats the name of that intro song, i like the bass in it

  13. BIONDIEST says:

    hell yeah the news is stupid. extacy is ussualy mdma with coke or heroin or meth.. so for them to say extacy and coke is stupid. because if you buy an extacy pill it most likely has other drugs in it besides mdma. n from my research if you want pure mdma it would be a crystalline powder, not pressed into pills(cause pills always have fillers).
    dont forget if you double your weed intake you should just smoke crank its the SAME did we mention its cheaper!.. thanks news!

  14. John Walsh says:

    Mann watching this wrecked is pretty sick

  15. xaq343 says:

    @theguythatcouldfly That’s really cool to know man, Im there all the time. Cheers to that brotha!

  16. ItsLenihan says:

    Hey mark, has the dispensary you work at ever been raided?

  17. nevin mei says:

    Molly is like crack it is cut just like crack would be made

  18. Joe kewl says:

    I wasn’t being literal… of course cannabis isnt addictive chemically but im just saying its so beneficial that when i quit using it for months on end, i notice a relapse of my negative side effects that i have normally with no active cannabinoids in my body… btw if you use a heavy pure indica strain (1 ounce every week) for years on end and you decide to quit cold turkey you WILL notice withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, not sleeping, and not eating.

  19. backspacesquare says:

    Posted it, look below

  20. Jake Lynch says:

    you were in the news, far out that’s hilariouse

  21. misterpc23 says:

    His tolerance is just through the roof, he hasn’t had a TB in like 5 years or something like that

  22. GreenMountainGrow says:

    Certainly getting mad views bro, come A LONG WAY since the ole “red” days 🙂 carry on !

  23. Doobie Doo says:

    he has a point. you do abuse it.

  24. J Brown says:


  25. therealjasontorres says:

    There’s 2 different types of Molly one is pure MDMA & the other is mixed with other crap & makes people addicted twice as fast & also fucks your body up way more . Some people prolly took original Molly’s & mixed other shot with it. So now you won’t know what your getting no more

  26. BLU3DR3AMBAND says:

    I honestly thought you were a ginger for the first 30 seconds. Haha 🙂

  27. DurtyRocks says:

    I guarantee you that Mark is addicted to weed.

  28. AZZAHMAN says:


    We do Globs,son.

  29. Hoa Trinh says:

    Best channel for pot around. More video more often please!

  30. cent1989 says:

    any publicity is gd publicity ;) peace man

  31. CENCEL559 says:

    FRE$NO CALI 559

  32. GangFromTheSnow says:

    Hey Mark, U da man!

  33. nicholasjdurr says:

    Molly is a meth tactic

  34. Isay Isreal says:

    In Pennsylvania molly is xtc cut with anything. heroin, meth, coke

  35. MrDragonslayer27 says:

    this guy smokes a lot of weed

  36. zRasko says:

    LOL You got a free shout out from the news :DD hahaha

  37. Joe kewl says:

    Is talking shit the only thing you know how to do? Also your the one who started it so you must get in alot of fights, am i right? Do your self a favor.. start smoking weed because someone who is as much a trash talker as you obviously hasn’t smoked a joint and mellowed out before…

  38. SuperBillibob says:

    i agree i just found this channel

  39. jacmcm100 says:

    you sir are misinformed

  40. George Sarafianos says:

    I have a question, is Weed cheaper in dispensaries where it is legal?

  41. skullclot420 says:

    right click on video. click stop download. fap. thank me later <3

  42. xFpsGam3r says:

    I watched the video literally laughed through the whole things its all complete media bullshit

  43. david herrera says:

    hey man whats the name of the song that starts to play at the end

  44. CENCEL559 says:

    Yup out in CALI we pop some MOLLY$ an get ON LIKE $HIT

  45. J Brown says:

    yes it is it could be under 10 bucks a gram! now tell me other than a dispensary how you would get bud for that price?

  46. DeprivedToker says:

    Love the videos. Thinking about leaving it all behind and moving to Colorado. NY. Sucks!

  47. surf420silver says:

    they are cuttin down trees to make mdma…

  48. Ryan Conway says:

    will do BUD lol !

  49. worldonpause12 says:

    excellent video. watch?v=gCqlW09B7PY