Jackass 3D DVD Party Hollywood with Super Doob

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May 17, 2011
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May 17, 2011

Jackass 3D DVD Party Hollywood with Super DoobThis was LIVE on at The Jackass 3D DVD Release Party on the lot at Paramount Pictures Studio Hollywood. Bong Rip and Super Doob do it Rock Star style in the 68 Corvette. Rick Kosick, Wee Man, Preston, Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O are all here. And the Brazil Talk Show host ass booty is got to be the Best butt in the world. Wait for the “Moment of Zen” Holy sweet Jesus!!! Bong TV LIVE is Live with Bong Rip at 420pm California time till 420am everyday!!! This is also 24/7 intern


  1. Jaketacular420 says:

    What an ass. Dear lord. What. An. Ass.

  2. RyanReeferBass says:

    Good stuff bongy,

    3*GEN Ryry

  3. TheNABMX says:

    bong is the shit

  4. CanadianGanjaGuy420 says:

    [captain] Ivan here, Great Vid like always thanks for sharing your experience.

  5. yuccaleapman says:

    #11111 wtf bong

  6. Mr420ways says:

    hey bongy, do you grt invited to all this cool shit?

  7. juneausucks says:

    *aaawww shit* lol

  8. joshualeuthner1 says:

    looks like a lot of fun bong

  9. TheUgLyTaco says:

    xoxoxo….I love you Bong Ripper!

  10. mindquest1148 says:

    BONG you vip doing it big in this video for sure!

  11. damonjobin says:

    helll ya bong

  12. dwl062177 says:

    hell yea bongy nice vid!!!! and ommf the ass!!!!!
    much love from og 5* gen ledford

  13. newbe4me2 says:

    Sweet vid BONG, aka {MJR} newbe420

  14. FreeFiggyTree says:

    that woman looks like a centaur or something dude she’s naaasssttay

  15. yuccaleapman says:

    #11111 wtf bong puffers

  16. 420zompire says:

    SWEEEET! ^_^

  17. jjason31npb says:

    WOW She’s HOttttt!! WHats her NAME???????????????? And She has A Nice beautiful Ass!!!

  18. RyanReeferBass says:

    Ommf that ass!

  19. pogue666 says:

    3 stooges pic is funny at the end. Wow Doobing it up everywhere. No problems with security ?

  20. counttrippula420 says:

    wow i so wish i was there , too kool bongy bro

  21. jjason31npb says:

    Thats “Juliana Salimeni” Shes My Angel There, Sexy And Very nice big Booty!!! WOW Bong you got it There Buddy!! Get her Smoked out there Budd and have it live on your Page !!! Brotha!! NICE VERY NICE!!