Ganja smoking marijuana information show Ep10Pt3of4

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Ganja smoking marijuana information show Ep10Pt3of4Ganja smoking marijuana information show. This part has exactly what crack and cocaine are, plus some funny pictures, then we have some facts on grit weed, then lastly we have a stoner review on the THC ministries website.

10 comments on “Ganja smoking marijuana information show Ep10Pt3of4

  1. BakedPotatoesTV on

    We definitely will. Maybe a day or two late at times, but they’re definitely coming.

  2. Jollyrancha243 on

    You are fucking retarded! This shit is sick and disgusting. No one wants to see a crackhead talk about anything, much less crack!!! Fuck you

  3. fearcult1984 on

    Jesus Christ the anti drug propaganda has spawned a youth of fucking idiots, I cant believe some of the comments I read on these types of videos. Its fucking insane if people would actually do research instead of just spewing more propaganda, we might actually win this prohibition battle.

  4. BakedPotatoesTV on

    Uh, we’ve never done crack just for starters, but I don’t think they need people like you shitting on them either. Second of all, if you’re going to insult people just to make yourself feel better, you might try to write it a lot more intelligently if you possibly can. Have a nice day.

  5. Jollyrancha243 on

    Really?! Crackheads don’t need to be shit on?! Oh, that’s right, I don’t need to cause their too busy shitting themselves and screwing up their lives, as well as the lives around them.

  6. BakedPotatoesTV on

    You’re kinda right, they do screw up their lives, but so do alcoholics, lazy bums, and the mentally ill. So round them all up and shoot them. They are still people and deserve being treated like human beings regardless of their shortcomings. I’m not any one of those, but I don’t feel the need to kick them when they’re down either, that’s all. What if your life got screwed up with prescription drugs? Would you want people to react the same way to you. Not bloody likely. NO ONE is perfect.

  7. likes2aplay on

    um i think i already commented on this show but i dont care i love your show so much i cant help but watch it more than once you guys rule thank you

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