Funny marijuana comedy variety show Ep34Part2

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May 23, 2011
Medical Marijuana Grow room
May 23, 2011

Funny marijuana comedy variety show Ep34Part2Funny marijuana comedy variety show. This part features some humorous stoner pictures, some pot smoking scenes in movies from The Simpsons movie, Four Rooms, The Jerk and Jason X. Lastly a clip from Private High Musical called smoking weed.


  1. BakedPotatoesTV says:

    Yeah, not everyone hates stoners so much that they overlook the potential of us having the munchies. Others need to realize that most stoners are just consumers, not criminals.

  2. DaeMaWong says:

    2:30 rolf

  3. likes2aplay says:

    awesome show yall loved every minute of it thank you