Funny cannabis smokers comedy show Ep11Pt1of4

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Funny cannabis smokers comedy show Ep11Pt1of4Funny cannabis smokers comedy show. This part has a Jon Stewart clip about smoking pot, some funny stoner pictures, a marijuana documentary review, and lastly we have a police brutality public service announcement.

3 comments on “Funny cannabis smokers comedy show Ep11Pt1of4

  1. BakedPotatoesTV on

    Tanx and hopefully we’ll be putting out a video every day eventually and even some live feeds too, but putting everything together that we have planned is a lot of work right now. We’re not even a tenth done yet actually. We still need to add a lot of products to the stoner store, promote some concerts, bring out the non-profit organization, animated cartoons, music parodies and so on, but more episodes are definitely on the list though.

  2. rmv0511 on

    use an external mic with a beachtek xlr to mini adapter. Rode ntg-1 or ntg-2 shotgun mics are really good. The white noise makes the show tough to watch when its not because its funny as hell. Just some advice. Good job though.

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