Father Says Eric Harroun Working for CIA


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Father Says Eric Harroun Working for CIA03/28/2013 The father of Eric Harroun talked to ABC15 a day after his son was arrested and charged with conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction. Darry…

6 comments on “Father Says Eric Harroun Working for CIA

  1. moverling5 on

    This is how the current administration is going to link Veterans to terrorist organizations. He was working with the CIA, and now the administartion can take away our freedoms as vets. The govmt is all about win/win and f everyone else. The day they label vets as terrorists is the day the US starts a war with the American people.

  2. jonh mack on

    what a fucking idiot!! ahhahahhah enjoy getting raped rest of your life little bitch!! HAHAHHAHA

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