Drivers stoned on marijuana (bloopers)


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7 comments on “Drivers stoned on marijuana (bloopers)

  1. LedSpencer2 on

    maybe when people like you stop making stupid comments. just because someone smokes pot does not mean they should go out on the road and they certainly don’t deserve to die or be harmed.

  2. TxS2006 on

    She is immature and irresponsible… she does not represent the usual ”high driver”. So this test result doesnt count for anything.
    – If someone is a bad driver while sober, will be even worse while high
    – If someone is a good driver, will be ”average” while high
    – If someone is not used to get high, could be dangerous to drive while high
    – If someone is used to get high, 0.3g will not make any difference regarding driving a car within speed limit.

  3. Luis Ruelas on

    That is sum dam bull crap alchool is more dangerous and girls arent good drivers lol but people dont act this stupid there is a reserch that someone high is less likley to get stop or get in a wreck because they are more focus on what you foing so fuck off lame test

  4. steveomico12 on

    This girl is clearly not used to smoking weed. People like her make me shake my head… She couldnt handle herself from 0.3, shes a joke.

  5. YouCanCallMeElCuatro on

    This is the stupidest anti-marijuana ad I’ve ever seen. This is stuffed with blatant, uneducated attacks at marijuana users. It implies stoners are criminals with no regard for the law. And anyone who’s ever driven high, or with someone high, knows that this is COMPLETELY uncharacteristic behavior. Stoners driver better high. If you’re paranoid, you try harder to drive well. I just can’t make a complete stop at a stop sign unless I’m high. This is frustrating that people still make these ads.

  6. HighSpeedPursuits on

    Lol… Well when i am high i don’t want to drive, well maybe to a In-N-Out Burger drive thru then maybe for some Heineken beer lol

  7. freeamericausa1 on

    When will the states that legalized POT have a day set aside where ALL Pot smokers can be on the roads alone? That would help to eliminate the high numbers of both stupid, and stoned people at the same time…giving fire departments, and EMT’s all the training time they need before calling the CORONER.

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