Cataract Kush bong bowl

Double Trouble: Two meth busts in single day on same street
March 27, 2013
Session Before Skyrim [208/420]
March 27, 2013

Cataract Kush bong bowlI forgot to put in the pictures of the homegrown buds last time so I figured I would smoke a bong bowl of it and show off some close up shots. Thanks for wat…


  1. Tejnop says:

    I love how Dan is strategically positioned so he is blocking the kicked in door by mark

  2. mcmattt1 says:


  3. Xmus Jaxson Flaxon-Waxon says:

    They faked the argument and fighting months ago to give mark a reason to only use his channel which (had many subs and even more now) and more subs and viewers to get all that YOUTUbE MONNAY

  4. TheCreativConnosseur says:

    Dan, I like your shirt…  The door frame is still in view…

  5. MedicineMan Dan says:

    what was a no brainer?

  6. alpizle123 says:

    I love the pictures man, keep up the good videos 🙂

  7. ligitmuffin says:

    You don’t know why short render and upload faster?
    You must be lit.

  8. MrNoodles0 says:

    dude your awesome!! Seriously but i have a really goood idea of video that you could do, shoe all your bongs and pipe’s, bubblers etc that you have and say which one is your favorite and why.. It would be legit seriously!! Continue your video’s man

  9. 91chore says:

    Nice flowers redband! Props to your buddy.

  10. scottyboy420sr says:

    Glass on glass… very glassy my friend! Cheers

  11. Daniel Solorzano says:

    your’e lame bruh

  12. Xdawgs1118 says:

    Are you guys ever gunna be friends again???

  13. s dawg says:

    im gonna smoke another bowl for you.

  14. Joe Swatson says:

    You’re the best man

  15. fuckyouhassa says:

    Challenge .On 420 smoke a pound in a day .

  16. MadJay Hemp says:

    Indica. To my understanding’s “kush” refers to a subset of indica strains.

  17. TheG0dKing says:

    You need to reinforce your door.

  18. MochteKills says:

    your native?!?! MY BRUTHA! <3

  19. jordansallee says:

    just imagine how awkward it would be for them to make a vid together. id say to much has been said and to much time has passed for this channel to be what it suppost to.

  20. Calmer ThanTheDude says:

    When they did videos together, leaving positive comments was a no brainer, without Dan having to ask us to leave them.

  21. Marclll420 says:

    Make a video of proper bong/pipe cleaning!

  22. vagtasticgamer says:

    nice vid dan redband Keep it up!

  23. Hxdro says:

    Shorter video= Smaller size file which renders faster and uploads faster because it is a smaller file than a longer video.

  24. ThatGui007 says:

    what do you use to edit vids?

  25. Calmer ThanTheDude says:

    Why fake it though instead of stay united and gain popularity together? I’m pretty sure they’d keep getting new subs if they stayed united.

  26. fuckyouhassa says:

    I like to mix strains , like I just had two big bubba kush rips and 3 Cinderella rips and I’m flying haha

  27. SomeDude138 says:

    Pics came out good, looks like done nice frosty dank. Keep up on the vids. Peace.

  28. KonvoyGaming says:

    I think if you go back to their old videos you can find a few that show a bunch of their pieces and each pieces history.

  29. deathcorebuttplug says:

    Same bong as CRtv?

  30. John Smith says:

    Dankest nugs I’ve seen in a while

  31. crzren says:

    wow! that looks dank aha i can smell it here!

  32. laker24c says:

    those flowers looked dank and delicious

  33. Don Morgan says:

    This is a good short video. Miss seeing you with Mark. Thanks for not doing long movie reviews.

  34. jordansallee says:

    hey dan.

  35. Lisa Lee says:

    When will you & Mark be making videos together again? I really miss seeing the 2 of you. I hope things are being worked out.

    By the way, Im a somewhat new fan of your channel. Learning alot! I have family in Boulder CO. I guess it”s safe to say I have plans to move there! 😉 Haha! But here in Cali, medical MJ is legal. We have more dispensaries than Starbucks! 😉

    All we need now is a Chia Pet. 😉 Maybe that one that’s of a head of hair. Only, instead of hair, its buds. LOL

  36. Emily Sophia says:

    You look like a stoned Sheldon Cooper. or a Sheldon Cooper in an alternate universe.

  37. sk8er6184864 says:

    Dan, i fucking love you’re videos. who cares about the fags that talk shit and keep toking

  38. Persecutedcss says:

    what the hell you reuploaded this video and its different?

  39. MegaJunebug420 says:

    is cataract kush a sativa or what

  40. Cherly Cash says:

    HI HOW R U

  41. nathan morris says:

    Peec love pot.

  42. MrPkmntcgcollector says:

    I’d love to see a video of your glass collection

  43. MrGawleysbiggestfan says:

    wheres the challenge!

  44. DoctorBlunts says:

    Love everything R3dband old and new, but for fucks sake son, Make videos with Mark.

  45. redtaco888 says:

    Dan, get mark back in your videos!!! Please bro!!!

  46. oddbrother11 says:

    Exactly what this guy said.
    They’re shorter.
    Thus there is less to render / less file size.
    How high are you?

  47. iRobYourLunch says:

    Shorter videos are smaller in file size. This makes everything quicker 🙂

  48. jordansallee says:

    supposed* learn to spell you fucking idiot

  49. Blj2727 says:

    Nice vids bro

  50. CENCEL559 says:

    Smashin on that bong hell ya keep up the good videos