Boss Vegas – 300

The Chalice Man
April 23, 2014
(Actor) Todd Holland Owner/ Partner of TH Custom Promos Interviews on Callywood In The Morning!
April 23, 2014

Boss Vegas - 300Boss Vegas 300 Music Video – From the upcoming album “Trilluminati” Direction, FX and Production by EKP Pictures Produced by Norby…


  1. Oscar Gonzalez says:

    Boss Vegas – 300: #newmusic #hip-hop #rap #fire
    +Hip Hop Music +Rap Hip-Hop

  2. Dro Sanchez says:


  3. Kazid Chandler says:

    My nigga Bo$$ Vega$$$ hottest in the strrrerrtttt

  4. TheKasinoChamp says:

    Great job. Ekp is the future

  5. Ian Harrison says:

    Bro. E. Wtf. Fuckin em up w these new visuals. This is truly extra
    ordinary. Rediculousness