Why should the first black president be the one to legalize marijuana?

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September 12, 2010
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September 12, 2010
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Solvinia asked:

All you potheads need to calm down. I don’t want that for President Obama’s legacy. The jokes would be endless.


  1. M&T says:

    Blunt Obama!

  2. Seldon Surak says:

    but they would SEEM so much funnier.

  3. Brian says:

    He shouldn’t be, he hasn’t the power to do that..

  4. The Dweeb says:

    So if it was a white president, then it would be different?


  5. Froggy says:

    Because somebody would have had to be on dope to vote for the guy in the first place!

  6. PJ says:

    He won’t legalize marijuana.

  7. azz_tarcomed says:

    if his goal is to be the only black president then yes

  8. Obama Bin Spending Spree says:

    You have to be stoned in order to think Obama is a good President!

  9. " Why Socialism?" A.E says:

    Am I harming anybody but myself when I do it? That’s the true question. My answer is no.

  10. Hot Donna says:

    Weeeeeeed, itsss all I DO.

  11. Croaker says:

    it is a states right issue.

  12. Straight is Great! says:

    I would expect no less.

  13. J says:

    lol i know, right!

  14. Alan S says:

    considering one of the many “real” reasons it was made illegal was racist, I think it would be fitting for him to do so.

  15. justagorilla says:

    it’s not really up to him…I don’t think he will veto it, however.

  16. cuzziman84 says:

    He wants to decriminalize it not legalize it. At least that’s what I heard him say.

  17. Mr. Duck says:

    don’t worry

    that would take an act of Congress.

    the President does Not have that power.

  18. j2 says:

    simple to keep everyone stoned and stupid. that way no one realizes how bad there getting screwed by the government

    1 saves money from not prosecuting and jailing stoners.
    2 allows stoners to continue working and paying taxes
    3 allows for a new source of taxes to pay for all the pork in the budget, oh that’s right there’s no pork just 50 million to combat the manure smell at pig farms in Idaho.

  19. racism is unbecoming says:

    President Obama has no such plan to push (no pun intended) for legalization of general marijuana use.

  20. I'm AWAKE..are you? says:

    FYI—black people aren’t the only ones that smoke pot, in fact there are more white people that smoke it than blacks….obviously

  21. Bill G says:

    Especially since he is a user

  22. My Business Plan says:

    He would be remembered more for doing what Americans want.
    It is not just potheads who want it made legal.
    Many in law enforcement want it decriminalized.
    Too much money is being spent enforcing laws regarding M.J., while there is a greater need for that money in other areas of law enforcement.
    Legalizing it could provide a very large revenue stream for state and federal governments. The same as there is for tobacco and alcohol.
    Most likely, once it is made legal, and overtime as the disadvantages are more integrated into the mainstream, its use will decline. Just as with tobacco and alcohol.

  23. lighters2loveletters says:

    It doesn’t matter if he’s black, in case you didn’t notice he’s half white
    and hes not the first one to start legalization, its been going through that process forever and there are already some states where it is legal for medical purposes.
    honestly i think it would be wonderful if he legalized it mostly because all the people who have been prosecuted because of it would be freed and given some justice.
    By the way just because some one isn’t necessarily against legalization doesn’t mean that they are potheads so chill yourself.
    The jokes about him could never stack up to the ones about Bush

  24. hippiechick says:

    Why should’nt he be the one? Seriously. ( not a pothead)

  25. Josh F says:

    black dudes love
    ‘da weed

  26. Nonlethalist says:

    Don’t worry. Presidents don’t have the power to legalize pot, anyway, although he could get behind legislation that makes it easier for states to legalize pot. For example he could make federal support funds for state or local law enforcement contingent upon legalizing pot so the funds would not be wasted pursuing nonviolent offenders when he feels we need to concentrate on violent offenders.

    There will be endless jokes about any president regardless of race, gender, or policies. That is both the blessing and curse of our freedom of speech.

  27. sanjac1836 says:

    By the gods I hope he and his idiot clones in congress try to do just that. I can think of nothing better to galvanize the opposition to him and his buddies.
    Calm down everybody, the faster and the more he ¨does¨ the pooch the sooner we´ll be rid of them.
    It´s not enough that he be grossly inept, he really needs to step in it a few more times to wake this country up. The greater the pile the better !

  28. Cut Throat B**** says:

    Because it could cut border violence while also providing us with some tax revenues? Neither really have anything to do with race…

  29. mommanuke says:

    All you people who are complaining about how much he is spending, are you aware that every year the direct cost of the “war on drugs” is costing us about 17 billion annually in interdiction, along with an incarceration cost of about 7 billion? And has it cut down on the number of drug users? Not one iota. Since 1954! The war on drugs has lasted 55 years so far. How long will it be till people realize that it isn’t going to work any more than Prohibition did?

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Obama is the first president to have the common sense to try to do something about this, and it has absolutely nothing to do with his race.

  30. Chupate esa! says:

    Marijuana is the best example of what bad publicity can do to something good.

    I wish Obama instead of legalizing marijuana he should put a ban on pick up trucks and you will see how the population of jail change colors and all those stats they bring about supremacy turn and would have a balancing correction but I guess that would be sowing discord…

  31. Jon B says:

    As a Conservative who disagrees with the ban (have for years though I presently cannot indulge myself), I would support this.

    Look at the history of the Law against it and how it came to be.

    I just personally cant conceive how a NATURAL plant of the Earth should be illegal so the Government can profit from fines and (secret) sales etc. etc.

    You are also correct in the assertion that it would not LOOK good.

  32. heyyo says:

    I am against it, but now that you mentioned the jokes, it could be funny.

  33. camelhopper says:

    Do you consider the repeal of Alcohol prohibition to be a joke? There is nothing funny about law enforcement taking its time to arrest 800,000 Americans last year for simple marijuana possession, while there are murderers, thieves, and rapists still at large. I guarantee had Obama been caught with some grass in his youth, you would not even know his name. You can’t get financial aid with a drug conviction. So there would have went his chances at Harvard.